Whey and Casein Protein – the Big Brothers in Protein Supplements

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When you search for protein supplements, the choice is between whey and casein, the two most popular proteins that people love. Those who exercise regularly and have a passion for the perfect body are particularly fond of the proteins both of which are dairy products. Since both the proteins are very efficient in repairing muscles and enhancing its growth, it is natural that fitness freaks will like it the most. There are some more common things about them – both are highly bioavailable and rich in BCAA or branch chained amino acids. Both are available as an organic protein derived from grass-fed cows. Since milk comprises of 80% casein and 20% whey, it is natural that both originate from it. While casein goes directly into various dairy products, whey is a by-product of cheese and yogurt making process. The similarity ends here and now let us look at why these are different.

The differences between whey and casein

If your choice is a fast digesting protein, then you must go for whey protein, which is absorbed into the body very quickly. In this age when patience is at a premium, it is natural that there is more demand for a whey protein that is supposed to give quick results. When casein protein reaches the stomach, it forms globs that can take 5 to 7 hours for complete digestion. It is thus a slow acting protein as the digestion process is gradual.

The way the proteins act on the muscles is also quite different. Whey protein can quickly spike the level of amino acids in the blood, and this initiates the process of muscle protein synthesis very fast that hastens the muscle building process. Hence, it is more anabolic. Casein protein is excellent for preventing muscle breakdown and seen as anticatabolic. It can generate a steady stream of amino acids in blood that prevents muscle breakdown.

Intake methods

There are many ways you can consume the proteins. Whey protein has excellent miscibility properties as it can mix very well with many different liquids and compounds. You can drink it by mixing it with milk, water or any other protein shake. You can even consume it with peanut butter, Greek yogurt or oats. You can combine it with any other thing that you like because it goes very well with many more ingredients. Convert casein protein to casein pudding and consume it as a bedtime snack. You can even try it out with some other recipes of your choice.

Best time to take proteins

You can take whey protein at any time before, after or during workouts because it will act almost immediately and you will feel it. End of the day or bedtime is best for consuming Casein protein so that you get the whole night for the protein to start working and wake up refreshed in the morning.

For maximum benefit, pair the proteins and take it soon after workouts to derive the advantages of the blended release of amino acids.

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