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Do you know vital facts about Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis Symptoms

A majority of the people all over the world are suffering from tuberculosis. Due to lack of understanding of this disease, numerous folks are becoming its victim. Having a better understanding of how tuberculosis infects the people will enable others to avoid being infected. This disease is very dangerous and highly contagious. Below are facts about tuberculosis.


Tuberculosis is a highly infectious disease caused by bacteria. The bacterium is known as mycobacteria. When a person is exposed to this bacterium, it settles on his lungs. The spread of the bacteria damages the lungs. One of the interesting facts is Tuberculosis deteriorates the condition of the lungs and that makes it difficult for the victim to breathe properly.


The mycobacteria are airborne and that makes tuberculosis to be spread through the air. When a person is exposed in an area that is contaminated with mycobacteria, he/she is likely to acquire tuberculosis. This disease makes it hard for people to stay around the infected persons for fear of contacting it. Doctors can teach you the best techniques of staying around patients.

Factors increasing tuberculosis infections

The infection rate of tuberculosis differs depending on every individual. Sometimes our lifestyles and other diseases might be the catalyst for the infection and the spread of tuberculosis. For example, people who smoke have a higher chance of getting this disease. This is because their lungs are weak. People with malnutrition and living in overcrowded areas risk being infected quickly too.


The HIV virus is also a leading cause for tuberculosis. The human immune deficiency virus is responsible for damaging the white blood cells. The white blood cells are mainly responsible for protecting the body against infection. Without the white blood cells, the body lacks the ability to fight off the mycobacteria. Hence, acquiring tuberculosis becomes very easy.


Knowing the symptoms of tuberculosis is very vital. This will give an infected individual time to seek treatment earlier. Understand when this disease is not detected early it can culminate in death. People with tuberculosis will have a chronic dry cough. Sometimes the cough will be mixed with blood and mucus. Other symptoms include weight loss, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite and chills.


Taking preventive measures against acquiring this disease is very necessary. This is because no one has the capacity to identify an infected person. Vaccination is the only method of taking proper care of your body from this disease. The BacilleCalmette Guerin is a vaccine made in 1906. It has the ability to decrease the infection rate by 20% and it reduces disease development by 60%.


Despite the tuberculosis facts about its dangers and spread, it can be cured. However, the rate of cure is determined by the spread of the disease. Tuberculosis is first diagnosed using the X-Ray examination. The mycobacteria are extremely resistant and that causes the medical practitioners to use several antibiotics to fight them. Make sure that you visit a hospital with reputable doctors.

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