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How to Treat Various Bug Bites at Home

Mosquito Bite

Unless provoked, most insects rarely attack humans. Most of the stings and bites are usually for defense purposes. Insects mostly sting in order to protect their nests or hives when accidentally disturbed or touched. This therefore means that one should take care so as not to approach or disturb the nests and hives. Initial contact with the sting may be painful and usually leads to an allergic reaction which is as a result of the venom left in the skin. Severe allergic reactions to this venom can be deadly but to be safe, one needs to be able to recognize these insects and avoid them like a plague.

Here are 5 different bug bites and how to deal with them:


Tick bites are usually not painful and can sometimes lead to development of a red lump around the bitten area. In some cases however they may lead to itchiness, swelling, bruising and blistering. In case of a tick bite, the tick should be removed as soon as possible to get rid of any chances of developing lyme disease. This should be done using a pair of tweezers with fine tips or any available tick removing tool. One should not scratch the bite as this will lead to further swelling and increase the infection risk.


A bee sting appears similar to that of a wasp. Stings from these species can cause severe allergic reactions to some people. For instance, when compared to snake bites, death occurring from bee stings is 3-4 times more common. A bee leaves the sting and a sac that is venomous in the wound. This should be immediately removed by scrapping out with something like a bank card. This is due to its hard edge. Pinching the sting out may spread the venom.


In contrast, mosquito bites are not of defensive nature. Mosquitoes bite in order to get blood which is their meal. If bitten the said area will appear round and a puffy bump appears immediately after being bitten. This bump soon becomes red and swollen. Multiple bites may also appear in the same area. Typically, mosquitoes are not causes of allergic reactions or significant illnesses. The pathogenic microorganisms within them are the real causes of malaria. The bump disappears after sometime but if malaria symptoms start developing; one should immediately seek medical attention.


Flea bites are grouped in clusters or lines. If one is very sensitive to flea bites, they can cause popular urticarial; a condition where itchy red lumps form in groups. Fluid filled blisters called bullae may also develop. Fleas from dogs and cats usually bite below the knee or around the ankles. People who are used to stroking their pets usually get these bites on the forearms. It is advisable to see a general physician in case the bite is infected. One should otherwise avoid scratching to prevent swelling.


Bedbug bites are not usually painful and symptoms may not appear if one has never been bitten before. Lumps or weals that are extremely irritating appear on the bite area. The irritating itch and occasional swelling usually disappear with time.

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