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The world of healthcare isn’t the same place it used to be. In just the past few years, technology and competition have led to major changes in the way healthcare functions. Healthcare professionals and providers face a lot of pressure to reach revenue goals and deliver higher levels of care than ever before. These changes are brought by a number of new trends including technological advances and environmental constraints. It isn’t a surprise that in this age of change, healthcare needs to adapt. These healthcare industry trends are encouraging positive changes that benefit consumers.

The Rise of Telemedicine

There are a number of ads on TV and online today advertising telemedicine services. Telemedicine sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but it’s becoming a reality of today’s world. Telemedicine involves patients interacting with healthcare professionals through technology. Things like video and text chat are starting to replace traditional in-office exams. This is something a lot of consumers are interested in, so more healthcare professionals are looking forward to providing this service.

Telemedicine brings interactions with the healthcare industry into the modern era. Soon, the days of in-person exams and prescriptions will likely be a thing of the past. Now, patients can receive diagnoses and complex exams on their smartphones. They can receive medication reminders or health trackers through an app on their phones.

You can see examples of these services succeeding at rapid pace! Nurx, a new app, allows women to receive birth control prescriptions and health recommendations through an app. Talkspace offers app-based mental health counseling by connecting patients with qualified mental health professionals. These are just two examples of many to come!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Automation is something that’s changing all industries, but it’s particularly powerful in the healthcare industry. As healthcare providers and services try to reduce costs, artificial intelligence steps in to ease the transition. You can expect to see AI technology in all areas of healthcare, from hospital operations to patient diagnosis. This leads to an increase in efficiency and workflow, as well as accurate diagnoses for patient conditions.

AI healthcare is a big source of investment for many large businesses. Increased research has shown that artificial intelligence might be the solution to some of healthcare’s biggest problems. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom recently announced the country’s intention to search for a solution to cancer with artificial intelligence. As many as 22,000 lives could potentially be saved by 2033 if these AI technologies are used to provide early diagnoses. This is something we can all get behind!

3D Printing or Healthcare Manufacturing

Today you can print just about anything. From jewelry to prototypes, 3D printers have come a long way in the past years. 3D printing is even being used to streamline the healthcare industry. Medical technology is a nutritiously expensive market, yet 3D printing is trying to lower these costs by offering an easier, affordable solution..

3D printing has been used from all things in healthcare including 3D printed skin for burn victims and lung implants. Not only is 3D printing these technologies more cost efficient, but it allows greater customization to create products specifically designed for the patient. Precision CNC components in the medical field are still in development, but they’re expected to become more commonplace in the next few years.

Wearable Technology for Patients

Maybe you have a Fitbit and you count your steps every day. Maybe you have an Apple Watch which monitors your heart rate. No matter how you monitor your health, you’ve probably noticed how common it’s becoming to wear health technology. This is a sign that patients are becoming more aware of their health, and they’re taking an initiative in their own fitness and lifestyle choices.

The wearable technology industry is growing rapidly each year as more wearable technology becomes available for consumers. In the next 5 years, this industry is expected to more than double! This industry includes things like smartwatches with health features, glucose monitors, EEG monitors, and more. These types of wearable technology are changing the way patients control their own health!

Healthcare Industry Trends

These healthcare industry trends above show a positive change in this industry brought upon by increased technology. As more technology focuses on improving health, patients have more options for staying in control of their own wellness. Click here for more information about healthcare marketplaces. Ultimately, the industry is trying to make healthcare more affordable and patient-focused to meet growing demand! In just a few years healthcare has changed so much, and these changes don’t show any sign of slowing down soon.

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