Straightening Teeth Effectively – Convenience and Comfort

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When you make the choice to straighten your teeth, Invisalign gives you a treatment option that will enable you to live your life according to your terms. Invisalign aligners enable you to overcome challenges such mouth and gum irritation that are associated with other methods for straightening teeth.

Key Considerations

Invisalign trays are smooth, comfortable and easy to wear. They are also removable and you can continue eating your favorite food, brush, floss and other activities that you normally undertake. Proper brushing and flossing requires a substantial amount of time when you use other devices.

When you are wearing your aligners you do not have to worry about taking them out for special occasions or functions. Since they are hardly noticeable, most people will not see them or realize that you are undergoing dental treatment. Aligners are ideal for people who have busy schedules and prefer minimal visits to the doctor.

Alternative to Metal Braces

Misaligned or crooked teeth diminish physical appearance and make it difficult to clean the teeth. Teeth that are not properly cleaned are vulnerable to periodontal disease. This increases the risk of bone and gum damage along with tooth loss.

Teeth braces are one of the options for properly aligning the teeth. Conventional braces can be painful and uncomfortable to wear. Adults may not be at ease with wearing them and Invisalign consists of clear braces as a worthwhile alternative.


There are numerous reasons to opt for Invisalign instead of traditional metal braces.

Better Appearance

Metal braces often create an unfavorable appearance that gives the impression the mouth is filled with chunks of metal that are awkward and unsightly. These types of braces are noticeable and can be embarrassing for adults.

Food particles usually get stuck in between the braces without the wearer realizing that they are there. With clear braces that are virtually invisible, the person does not appear to be wearing any braces and this is an attractive alternative to metal braces.


After orthodontics specialists complete the procedure of attaching metal braces to a person’s teeth, the braces remain in that position and can only be removed professionally. Clear braces can be removed without professional assistance. If the wearer wants to remove the aligners for a period of time to drink or eat, they can easily get them out when necessary.


Traditional metal braces consist of bits of metal that protrude as well as wire that creates the risk of puncturing and scratching the gums and internal parts of the mouth. Clear braces are comfortable and smooth as they do not contain and protruding or sharp edges and bits.


Conventional braces can exacerbate decaying teeth and they exert a lot of force to facilitate teeth straightening. These types of problems do not arise when you wear clear aligners. Clear braces minimize the damage that can be caused by wearing conventional braces such as cavities and gum disease.

Treatment that involves wearing metal braces can take several years while aligners can straighten your teeth within a year. Patients are aware of what to expect and the duration of treatment before they start wearing their braces.

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