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How Squeeze Balls Contribute to Hand Rehabilitation

Stress Ball

Proper functioning and healthy hands are essential parts of the body and greatly affect one’s ability to live independently. The necessity of their functions, which includes holding and grasping, becomes vivid in case of a disability or injury of the hands. Since hands are one of the most used parts of the body in daily activities, they are highly prone to injuries of all sorts. This would affect many aspects of one’s life including their ability to make a living.

So, if you are suffering from swelling, stiffness, and pain which makes it difficult for you to handle your daily tasks, it is important to consider rehabilitation as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to ignore the injury only for it to cause you more harm when you could have contained the situation early enough. The good thing is that squeeze balls, commonly known as stress balls, can be used in the rehabilitation.

Stress balls in the treatment of hand conditions

A stress ball is used in the exercising of the fingers and hands, which can be very helpful in the treatment of conditions like arthritis and other injuries. The following are some of the physical benefits of squeeze balls:

  • Improve blood circulation – The contraction of the muscles of the fingers and hands when using a stress ball improves the flow of blood in the hand. This ensures efficient removal of toxins and other wastes, making the hand healthy and promoting its functioning.
  • Therapy – Squeeze balls are used in physical therapy and help in managing habilitation of the muscles of the wrist, hands, and fingers. This plays a significant role in the recovery from an injury or an infection on the hand.
  • Reduce the risk of injuries – Regular use of squeeze balls has been found to strengthen the muscles of the hands and fingers. In effect, this lowers the risk of stress injuries due to the toning of these muscles.

Do I need hand strengthening?

You will want to consider hand strengthening if you have any issues with your hands. For instance, if you feel like your grip or functioning of your fingers is below par, using stress balls can go a long way in making your hands stronger and play an important role in managing rehabilitation.

Other individuals who would benefit from hand strengthening techniques includes the following:

  • Individuals who participate in physical activities that involve the hands. Such individuals include athletes, stuntmen, and fitness enthusiasts. Also, career artists may find it essential to ensure that their fingers and hands work well.
  • Those who have had injuries or trauma on the hands or fingers affecting their functioning.
  • Health conditions such as Carpal tunnel syndrome and Arthritis which affects the base of the thumb making the fingers and hands weak.
  • Patients requiring rehabilitation after a surgical procedure.


Stress balls come in different densities for different stages of hand strengthening. Stringy Ball has a string attached to it for ease of use and comes in three colors, each with different densities.

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