How to Set Fitness Goals

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Now that the New Year is well on its way, are you still stuck in a rut as far as your fitness goals are concerned? Are you guiltily thinking of the resolutions you had made to stay fit and healthy this year? It is not too late to start over, and start going about losing those 8 pounds that you promised you would shed.

Different people go about their fitness regimen in different ways. While some go to gyms, others hire personal trainers, while some go on a DIY routine. If you think you need supervision, then the best way is to find personal trainers and go on a disciplined routine.

Before that step, the first thing to do is set some realistic fitness goals for yourself. Here’s how you go about doing that:

Step 1: Put them on paper

Whatever your fitness goal be, whether it’s losing pounds or hitting the gym or running more often, put these goals down as a list on paper. After that, create a detailed plan with steps. It should be like a roadmap with details on how to achieve your goals.

Make copies of this list and keep them all around you; in the bathroom, the car, the kitchen. You should refer to it regularly so that there is a constant reminder of what you need to achieve.

Step 2: Get a buddy

The best way to do this is by not doing it alone. Often company can help you remain motivated and interested. It can be boring lifting weights on your own, or jogging all by yourself. Have a colleague, a family member or even your partner do it with you and it will be a whole different brand of fun. Schedule workouts every week with your fitness partner and you will see that it is easier to meet goals together.

Step 3: Get a trainer

If you are really serious about your fitness you should find a professionally certified trainer. If you have a home gym then investing in a trainer can help put it to good use. However, remember that getting your personal trainer can be an expensive affair, so be prepared to plunge into your pockets. The bigger advantage to having a personal trainer is that you will reach your goals faster and in a more efficient manner than if you train alone.

Step 4: Monitor your progress

Keeping fitness goals is not just about setting them. It is also about keeping track of the progress that you are making. Keep track of the numbers you are crunching, like the number of pushups, or minutes on the treadmill, etc. It is always inspiring to see your own achievements go up. Not only that, it can act as a big motivating factor. Put down your progress daily or weekly for inspirational boosts.

Step 5: Imagine it

While you set your goals, it is also vital that you are able to visualise yourself achieving them. Imagine yourself losing those ten pounds, visualise a healthier, fitter you. Do this for both your long term and short term goals.

Step 6: Go slow

The most important thing is not to rush it. Don’t push your body or become obsessive about achieving multiple goals. It can not only wreck your peace of mind, but also do serious harm to your body. Go slow and take one goal at a time.

Keep in mind that there will be constant hurdles and unexpected distractions to your goals. Therefore set goals which are flexible and attainable.

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Jan Stevens is a fitness expert and a certified personal trainer at Riverside Medical Group. He has also written articles about how to find personal trainers. Jan loves to kickback and watch fantasy films when he is not working out.

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