On the Safety of Bouncy Houses for Children

Bouncy Castles

The versatility of interactive inflatable games makes it an excellent choice for events regardless of the kind of guests. The games are highly attractive whether you use it for a corporate outing or want to set up one in your backyard for hosting your child’s birthday party. Both kids and adults find the games very attractive and they increase the enjoyment at parties or corporate events. Whether it’s trade shows, product launches or a new store opening, inflatable games provide huge entertainment.

You can select from a huge variety of games based on various themes like gladiator joust, bungee runs, human sphere bubble bowling, bouncy house, and circus games to name a few. There is always something to suit the occasion, and it should not be difficult to choose one that entertains guests to the fullest.

Games for the athletic crowd

If you have guests who want to indulge in athletic competitions for the sake of fun and enjoyment, then you must turn to sports inflatable games. The games are a combination of challenging athletic activities carried out within the colorful inflatable structures that add real fun and enjoyment. Just as the games are very attractive and involve activities like baseball pitching, basketball shooting, and soccer ball kicking, it helps to create an engaging and exciting environment that encourages many people to try their hand to prove their athletic skills. The games have attractive names like Speed Pitch, Soccer Fever, Shooting Stars and even Sumo Wrestling.

The players of the Sumo Wrestling game wear inflatable costumes and engage in wrestling in an inflated arena where they can jump, bounce and bump against one another as they try to pin down the opponent. Bubble bowling is another exciting game that takes place inside an inflated ball. The participant enters the sphere and runs down the alley while trying to knock over as many pins as possible.

Get a taste of mountaineering and climbing

Rocky Mountain and Cliff Hanger are the names of games that give an opportunity to engage in adventure sports that sets the adrenaline rushing but in a safe manner.

The Rocky mountain game tests the climbing skills of players who have to climb a steep inflatable mountain 28 feet high to reach the summit. The game design ensures enough safety for players as the mountain remains encircled by an inflatable ring of air cushion 5 feet wide and 3 feet thick that provides a safe landing in case someone slips. To offer additional safety to players, they can use ropes and harnesses.

The Cliff Hanger game uses a 24 feet high inflatable rock wall for climbing that two players have to compete against one another like in a race. The players remain tied to ropes controlled by trained rope handlers. It is one of the most favored games for corporate training in team building.

Bouncy houses are in high demand

Summer is the time when bouncy houses are in high demand. It’s the time when parents are looking for ways to keep the kids engaged by turning them away from televisions and computers and encouraging them to take up some fun-filled outdoor activities that help them exercise and breathe fresh air. The attraction of video games, television shows, and social networking are so addictive that unless parents can offer something more attractive and exciting that entertain kids to the fullest, it will be difficult to draw them towards it.

Bouncy houses, the giant inflatable replica of a home or castle that allow kids to jump, bounce and roll over as they wish provides an irresistible attraction. Installing a colorful bouncy house in the backyard would give the kids a feeling of having a gala carnival time as the fun and frolic never seems to end. The inflatable structures come in many different names – bouncy castles, jumpers, and combo jumpers but serve the same purpose of providing endless fun for kids by ensuring complete safety.

Choose a theme

The bouncy houses rely on various themes to entertain kids in different ways so that they never feel bored. To add variety to the games, there are race courses, obstacle courses and even bouncy houses with water slides that will leave kids of all ages spellbound. The games are created with a lot of thought. They blend entertainment and fun while allowing ample opportunities for exercises with safety. The material used for constructing the houses are puncture proof and commercial grade that can withstand a fair degree of stress even if adults step on it. A powerful blower placed at some distance from the house and connected by a tube is capable of inflating the house in just a few minutes.

Supervision is vital

Although it is apparently safe for children to tread and play on bouncy houses, it is imperative to ensure that there is close supervision at all times. Accidents, though very rare, do happen on bouncy houses or bouncy castles. In the UK, in 2005, a kid named Sam Harris suffered a broken skull when another older 15-year old kid kicked at him when bouncing on a castle at a party. The tragic incident left the teenager brain damaged, now requiring supervision around the clock. Although such incidents are rare, you can never take chances when children have even the least possibilities of suffering injuries that can also turn fatal.

If you plan to rent a bouncy house to entertain children, it becomes your responsibility to keep a close watch on the children as they play and have fun. Being safety conscious is paramount when installing bouncy castles because leaving it to chance can prove very costly as happened with Sam Harris.

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