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The Risks We Take Getting Medical Treatment

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When we seek out medical treatment or help, the aim is always to get better. We might have a suspicion that there is something wrong with our bodies and it needs to be checked out. However, it’s true to say that sometimes getting medical help can lead to more harm than good. We often cast these issues aside, instead opting to get better as quickly as possible. But is this the right decision, or are there dangers of healthcare that should not be overlooked?

Human Error

It’s hard to admit that when you get advice from a professional on your health, you are relying on someone else’s opinion or judgement. You probably don’t think about this fact all that much. But when you go to get medical treatment, and they diagnose you, they could be wrong. Human error still exists in medicine, and you could be the one percent. The mistake that is made can change your life forever. We’ve all heard the horror stories in the papers where people have been told they were fine by doctors and died days later. Could it happen to you? The truth is that it’s unlikely but still a possibility. That’s why when you do get a diagnosis, and you’re worried about something serious it’s always best to ask for a second opinion.


You might think that if you’re prescribed medication by a health professional, it will be safe. But again, human error plays a part here. There have been cases where medication has been subscribed that has had harmful effects on a person’s health. For instance, Xarelto used as a blood thinner resulted in the death of a number of patients. It was put on the market with no cure for the deadly side effects. You might think these stories are in the minority but there have been other cases. In fact, a drug that has lead to disastrous results is still on the market today. Accutane is a drug used for a treatment of severe cases of acne. Over the past two years twenty people prescribed the medication have committed suicide. While this could be an incorrectly assumed correlation, one of the side effects of the drug is higher levels of depression.


Thanks to the impact of the internet, seeking out medical attention could also cause increased paranoia. If you have a pain in your groin, the likelihood is that you have pulled a muscle. You can do this without realising quite easily, just by bending down. However, take a trip online and you’ll find that websites found from this search mention cancer. You should only worry about this type of illness if the condition lasts more than two weeks or if there are any other symptoms. But that doesn’t stop people panicking. This type of stress could lead to serious medical conditions.


Finally, it might be best to avoid the hospital to avoid risking catching a superbug. Superbugs are illnesses immune to antibiotics and they are commonly caught in hospitals. Perhaps this possibility alone should be enough to make you think twice about immediately heading to see a doctor. You might be better waiting it out for a couple weeks if the symptoms aren’t serious.

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