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Positive Changes to Make When Seeking Drug Addiction Help

Drug Addiction

When you choose to get help for a drug addiction, then there should be some drastic changes made to your lifestyle. While using drugs, you may have felt that it was the only way to manage unpleasant feelings. However, there are positive ways to deal with pressures of life that do not involve reverting to your drug dependence.

Before you embark on a way to deal with stress without use of drugs, then you need to find what suits you best. Essentially, different strategies for stress relief work better and are distinct to an individual. As such, find an appropriate solution to help you calm down when you are overwhelmed and stressed. Once you are confident in your ability to destress, then it will not be so intimidating when you feel under pressure.

Here are some solutions that you can use to destress when you feel tempted to use drugs again during your recovery or treatment.

  • Exercise: Exercise helps release endorphins, helps in stress relieving, and promotes individual sense of well being. You can try running, taking a walk, or using a jumping rope to do some skipping. You will use up energy, get exhausted and this will help you relax a lot better.
  • Enjoy the outdoors: If you find that being alone and staying indoors is a trigger to your use of drugs, then you need to change this. Walk outside and enjoy the warm sunshine and fresh air. Enjoy the landscape and take in the beautiful views around you. You get to find that focusing on something outside yourself helps in your drug addiction help program.
  • Pets: Playing with your cat, dog, or other pet is a good and positive way to release stress. Get relaxed as you brush your pets fur with your fingers.
  • Music: Find music that you enjoy and ensure that it is quiet and soothing music. Music has been known to have a calming effect in situations of stress.
  • Scents: In case you are into scents, ensure you look for candles that produce a calming scent. Ensure it is a scent that you like.
  • Peaceful memories: Try to picture a place that you find peaceful. It could be a sandy beach, the sky, or the sea. Find a memory that brings some peace and joy into your life and this will be good for your emotional well-being.
  • Tea: A good beverage always has a calming effect. You can choose between coffee, tea, or juice. What makes you feel better will be your regime every time you feel like you need to relax with your favorite beverage.
  • View photos of your family if you are far away from them or missing them. Sometimes, loneliness can be a great trigger to a drug habit. Ensure that you keep these photos close to you.
  • Massage: A massage is a great stress reliever. Ensure that you get one when you feel some knots on your neck or shoulder. You can book one at your favorite masseuse or have your partner or friend help you.
  • In case you feel worn out, you can take a long shower or hot bath. During the drug habit, you normally use in order to get some more energy to party when worn out. This means that you cannot differentiate between exhaustion and party time when using. Therefore, learn how to relax.
  • Religion: seek spiritual assistance when under pressure. Ensure you are close to your God to get strength to keep from relapsing.

Use these pointers to ensure that you change from your drug addiction to a better and new lifestyle.

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