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Has Patient Care Improved In Medicine?

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If you were investigating health care recently, you might come to the conclusion that it’s never been worse. Wait times are massive and there isn’t enough beds to go around. Hospitals seem to be totally understaffed and every week a new report emerges about a superbug sweeping practices. It may seem like medical practices aren’t doing anything to improve the situation. But nothing could be further from the truth. Medical practices are doing everything they can to provide a better quality of health care. Here are just some of the measures they have been taking over the last couple of years.

Data Security

We live in a world where data theft is a constant fear. We’re more worried about people stealing our information than we are about them stealing our personal assets. Why is this? It’s because with so much data being stored in multiple places it’s become easier for criminals to target vulnerable places. Hospitals are often found to be a target due to the massive amount of information and data that they have on file. In the past, this used to be stored as hard copies. But now everything is kept safely and securely on the cloud. If doctors need to access a patient file they can. But for everyone else it is off limits.

Reducing Waits

It can not be denied that patient wait times are extreme. But doctors are doing everything they can to resolve the situation. Some medical practices are now offering mobile diagnosis. This means that through a conference call a patient can “meet” a doctor from the comfort of their home. They will be able to assess whether further medical attention is needed. Doctors hope to use this possibility to reduce the wait times for all patients.

Patient Interaction

If a doctor needed to update a patient with important information, in the past they would have needed to call in. Now patients can be alerted to new occurrences through a number of different HIPAA apps. Due to the fact that these apps are HIPAA compliant doctors can use these to talk to their colleagues or patients. The whole process becomes streamlined and again, this makes services faster than ever.

It works both ways as well. Doctors can also use HIPAA call services to keep patient calls answered 24/7. This allows them to reduce costs in their medical practice. But they are still providing patients with the care and attention they need.

More Options

You may not agree with the concept of private health care. We wouldn’t blame you. It essentially means that the rich get better treatment for their health than the poor. While this is true, private health care also means that public health facilities have less patients. Those who can afford it will look elsewhere. As well as this, private practices are now offering more options to patients. They can pay for full coverage or one specific treatment. This has opened up private health care to more people with new ways to pay.

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