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Natural Anti-arthritis Remedies and Techniques You Can Apply

Knee Pain Arthritis

When you wake up in the morning and stretch on your bed or extend your arm to turn off the alarm, you do not expect that your joint can actually give you problems, or that you will feel any pain moving the muscle. You do not expect to wake up one morning and realize that one of your muscles is inflamed and now you can hardly move that area because it is very painful. When you have arthritis, then normal movement is not something that will be attained easily. The condition attacks certain muscles and joints so you will have a lot of difficulty even in stretching and doing simple activities like opening a jar. This is a condition that is not addressed much because it is usually associated with the elderly. However, contrary to this belief, arthritis is actually able to affect persons of any age and is also not biased to any particular gender. It is mainly resulting from a breakdown of the cartilage tissue, which connects your limbs, so when there is a breakdown in this tissue, a lot of friction is present and the result is that you feel a lot of pain as you move a joint. There are two main types of arthritis osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Both of these conditions affect the bones in different ways. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage between the bones wear down, until there is nothing between the bones so they rub on each other. Rheumatiod is caused by a disorder in your immune system; this causes inflammation of the synovial membrane. The synovial membrane is a soft tissue that protects the joints in the body, in chronic cases this type of arthritis can lead to bone loss. If you experience any of these types of arthritis, there are natural remedies, that you can try.

Turmeric and ginger tea

This is a major anti-arthritis remedy that is easy to make and also can be enjoyed. These two ingredients have anti-inflammatory features and will help ease the osteoarthritis as well as the rheumatoid. Turmeric in particular has become very popular; this is probably because of a powerful ingredient it contains, which an antioxidant is called curcumin. It also lowers the levels of two major enzymes that are present in arthritis that cause inflammation. This remedy is available in capsule form and also can be taken in a nice spicy tea; the recipe can be taken from the internet. You can take this remedy daily.

Lubricate your joints with extra virgin oil

This type of oil is very common and is used for many purposes, it is also very well known for its numerous healing properties. Out of all the purposes it has, you would assume that it can also help ease pain of arthritis in your joints, and you would be right. A certain compound in this oil that is called oleocanthal, is able to inhibit inflammatory enzymes just like an aspirin does.

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