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Mattress Options – What to Consider When Picking the Mattress That Is Just Right for You


You cannot compromise on the mattress quality if you are concerned about your health because it can be so uncomfortable that having a good sleep would become a foregone conclusion. And lack of sleep can cause a variety of ailments. Sleep deprivation for a poor-quality mattress is easy to tackle by buying a new mattress at a very affordable price by using Leesa mattress coupons. The moment you feel uncomfortable when lying down on a mattress, you should immediately procure a new one. No matter how short might be the sleep duration, it must be fulfilling enough so that you wake up rejuvenated and ready to start a hectic day. This is only possible when you can find a perfect mattress that nurtures your wellbeing and good sleep.

The mattress that was once very good for you can deteriorate with time as it can sag and is no more comfortable. It also becomes evident from the way your body behaves when you lie down on the mattress. If you experience pain in some part of the body, it is a sure sign of the mattress playing spoilsport. The sooner you can change the mattress better it is.

Picking the right mattress

When looking for anew mattress, you must be aware of your needs and what is available in the market. From the various thicknesses of mattresses to the type of materials that goes into making it, you must be aware of the different factors that constitute mattress quality. Knowing the parameters of mattress selection should make it easy to choose the mattress that is perfect for you because what suits you may not be suitable for others and vice versa. Most importantly there are some factors like the bed base that does not directly relate to the mattress yet can affect the comfortability level.

The mattress should evenly balance the body weight to give the most comfortable feeling and to judge this aspect you must take a trial by lying down on the mattress for some time. Since it is ideal to try it for 100 days at least doing it for 30 days should give you some idea. Look for brands that allow free home trials.

Evaluating the mattress material

While you can judge the comfortability of mattresses, it is not possible to determine how the mattress material will turn out to be. It is better to gather good information about different types of mattresses available so that you can take a wise decision. The mattress material is important because it determines how well the mattress can support the body weight. While latex obtained from natural rubber is the most popular mattress material, there are many other types like memory foam mattress, open spring mattress, pocket spring mattress and adjustable air mattress which are also quite useful and attractive.

Open spring mattress

Open spring mattresses constitute of several coiled springs made out from a single piece of metal wire which is why it is also known as continuous coil mattress. To maintain the shape of the mattress and provide the basic structure, there is an additional wire or border rod provided along the edges. The mattresses are, and the sides are machine stitched, but the ability to provide support is lesser than other mattresses. Therefore, you can use this mattress at places where it is occasionally used like the children’s beds or guest bedrooms. If you think of using this mattress for short term then also it is a good option.

Pocket spring mattress

The pocket spring mattress is a luxurious variant of spring mattress as there are small individual springs housed in a fabric made pocket. Since the springs are not interconnected like in open spring mattress, these move independently thereby providing more wholesome support. Soft, medium and firm versions of the mattress are available, and these are also much cooler than latex or memory foam mattresses because of the breathable quality of the material used for making the mattress. The downside is that these mattresses are heavy and often stuffed with lamb wool that can cause allergies. The mattress is ideal for couples because each section can offer variable support according to the body weight of users thereby providing complete comfort.

Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are made from natural rubber and have the unique quality of providing excellent support while remaining soft and springy. Talalay latex mattresses are springier and softer while Dunlop mattresses are firmer and denser. The names denote the manufacturing process adopted for making the mattress. Latex mattresses are breathable that prevents its overheating. These mattresses are highly durable and can last for years besides being non-allergic. The mattress remains firm and stable at the beginning that gradually softens to some extent over time. The mattresses are heavy, and if you buy a cheaper variety, it can form dents and lumps after some time.

Memory foam mattresses

This mattress is perhaps the most modern mattress made from moldable material called memory foam that is completely hypoallergenic and responds to weight and temperature. When you sleep on the memory foam mattress, it will complement the shape of your body by acquiring the appropriate form and will also absorb the body weight thereby relieving the pressure on body joints. Sleeping on the mattress gives a sinking feeling, and it may even get slightly warm but is excellent in providing support and ideal for those suffering from a bad back as it can configure itself according to the shape of the body and body weight.

Mattress firmness affects sleep quality

Your height, weight and sleeping position determines the degree of mattress firmness that should suit you. Soft mattresses are best for those who change sleeping position as well as for side sleepers. Medium soft mattresses are good for those who keep tossing and turning in bed and for people who sleep on their back, firm mattresses provided the much-needed extra support to the lower back.

If you get good support and feel comfortable when lying down on a mattress, it is the one that you should take home.

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