How to Maintain Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair Care

Having healthy-looking hair goes a big way to making you look good. It’s also good to simply have healthy hair. That means less hair fall and hair breakages. However, keeping or making your hair as healthy as possible isn’t so simple. It isn’t just about using a good brand of shampoo. It’s also about regular care and treatment. Of course, your natural hair texture and type play a big part in this. Some people have hair that’s naturally drier. Therefore, they have to invest more care in moisturizing it. Whatever it is, we’ve put together a short guide on the different steps you should take to have healthy hair.

1. Cut Your Hair Regularly

Having your hair cut regularly is actually very important. As your hair grows out, the ends begin to dry and split. Regular trims are thus important as they help to get rid of these ends. For some, this might seem counterintuitive as they seek to grow out their hair. However, a regular trim of a few inches won’t harm the growing process much. In fact, it will reduce your ends from splitting or drying. Therefore, you’d be able to grow out much healthier looking hair. That’s a win in the end. Therefore, you should try to visit the salon every six to eight weeks to get a quick trim. You can book an appointment from the comfort of your home with SalonLife Spa & Salon Booking Software.

2. Let Your Hair Rest

During the week, as we head out to work and school, we often inundate our hair with great amounts of product and styling. This can be very detrimental to your hair! Therefore, you should always find time to let your hair rest. This could be the weekend for many. During this time, you should let your hair be as natural as possible. Avoid products or heat styling tools. Let your hair air dry! You should try to avoid even tying your hair up as this constant pressure pulls on the hair shaft and also causes damage.

3. Scalp Health Matters Too

Scalp health is very important. Something many don’t realize is that products do build up on your scalp. If your scalp feels excessively itchy or dry, this could be a sign of build-up. In such cases, you could simply need to deeply cleanse your scalp with some detoxifying soap. Or, it might be serious enough that you’d need to visit your hairstylist.

4. Eat Healthily

Eating healthy is also important for your hair. Your hair is essentially made up of protein and this protein is derived from your diet. However, your hair is also considered to be non-essential to your body’s survival. Therefore, if you are not eating enough protein, your body will not distribute protein to your hair follicles. Instead, the protein will be sent to important organs like your heart and liver. You also need to have a healthy intake of iron as its an essential mineral for your hair. In iron-deficient women, patterned hair loss has been observed. Therefore, it’s important to have a healthy and balanced diet for your hair!

5. Avoid Or At Least, Protect Your Hair From Hot Tools

It’s a well-known fact that heat isn’t good for your hair. Regularly curling or straightening your hair is bad. However, did you know that even using a blow dryer on your hair is also damaging? Air drying your hair is much better. However, if you must blow-dry your hair, be sure to not use the highest heat setting. Also, do not blow-dry only one area. Instead, you should continually move your dryer. If you choose to curl or straighten your hair, do remember to use heat protectant too. This goes a long way in preventing damage to your hair.

6. Deep Conditioning is Crucial

Just like skin, our hair also needs hydration. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use a deep conditioner every week. This can be your weekend self-care routine and it will go a long way in restoring moisture to your hair! If you are into sustainable living, you could also create deep conditioning hair masks from avocado and eggs.

7. Protect Your Hair From The Sun

If you’re often under the sun, you should start wearing a hat. This is because the sun greatly dries your hair out. And dry hair means brittle and frizzy looking hair. The sun can also burn your scalp and this will be highly uncomfortable for you. So, get yourself a hat!

8. Hot Water Is Bad For Your Hair!

A hot shower is always the best sensation. It’s warm and inviting. However, hot showers are also horrible for your hair! Hot water dries your hair out and can cause damage. If your hair is colored, it also causes the color to wash out faster. After forking out a sum for colored hair, you definitely wouldn’t want it washing out so soon. Therefore, try to wash with lukewarm water. This isn’t as terrible as cold water and it’s great for your hair. If you still desire a hot shower, just be sure to not wash your hair in the hot water.

9.  Don’t Brush Your Hair Too Much

There used to be a myth that you should brush your hair one hundred times for it to look silky smooth and shiny. However, that’s been debunked and excessive hair brushing is actually bad for your hair. This is because the excessive brushing will stretch and tug on your hair. This makes it weak and liable to breaking. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comb your hair!

10. Don’t Use The Same Products Forever

Lastly, you should change your hair products after some time. This is because your hair can begin to build up resistance to it. If you live in a country with different seasons, you should also have different products for different seasons. This is because different seasons have different weather conditions and your products should account for that. For example, it would be drier in winter and therefore, you should use a product that’s more moisturizing then.


Having healthy hair isn’t all that difficult. Its an extra step, but it’s a worthy one. If you follow the steps that we’ve suggested in this article, you’re sure to achieve healthier looking hair for yourself in no time!

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