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How to Live a More Fulfilled Life in 2019

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Are you tired of feeling underwhelmed in your life? If so, you might benefit from changing your outlook and perspective. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can start doing. Even if you’re quite happy right now, these suggestions can really enrich your quality of life.

Read More Books

One way to live a more fulfilled life is to read more. Read as much as you can, and internalise everything. Pick up books as diverse as personal development to sports autobiographies to historical accounts of Saint Augustine. This makes you more aware of the world, which gives you a better perspective. You won’t remember every last detail. But you can be assured you’ll become smarter and have a different outlook.

Listen to Podcasts

Not everyone has the time to sit and read books for hours on end. Instead, you can find podcasts on your favourite topics. A podcast is like a radio show where one or two people talk about a particular topic. The conversation gets recorded and you can download the audio file. Some help you in your life and can give you an edge in your career. Others are more special interest and provides you a broader perspective on topics that you love. One of the best ways to make the most out of podcasts is to put them onto your phone. Then when you’re driving or using public transport, you can listen to them.

Exercise More

It’s no secret that exercise and happiness are correlated. If you exercise more often, you feel happy. This can be anything from jogging to playing tennis. Oxygen-rich blood pumps around the body revitalising your organs and brain. This makes you feel great when the endorphins flood your body. Even better, you’ll to start to feel healthier and look fantastic. Both of these do wonders for your confidence. You don’t need to suddenly go out and run a marathon. Instead, start to introduce a little exercise into your routine. If you’re already exercising regularly, pump up the intensity for even better results.

Make Goals, Persevere and Smash Them

Nothing feels better than winning. You can get small wins by setting a small goal and then achieving it. Just be careful not to set goals and then go off the tracks onto something else. Otherwise, you may never reach them. One of the best strategies is to write down weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals. This might be jogging for longer or earning a higher salary or feeling happier in your life. Writing them down allows you to reflect back in the future and see that you’ve achieved them. This is the fast way to feeling more fulfilled and confident.

How to Live a More Fulfilled Life this Year

If you want a more fulfilled life, you need to learn more about the world. You can do this by reading widely and using your time wisely by listening to podcasts. Start exercising to both feel and look great. And write down your short term goals so that you know when you’ve smashed them!

Zara Jones is a valued contributor to various CosmoBC's blogs.

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