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Lean in the Media

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Media is the umbrella under which various platforms of information providers reside. This can be in any form of publication-the likes of print or video. Be it the contemporary online platforms and information dispersion through blogging, podcasts, and videos or conventional newspapers, radio broadcasts, computer games, and dramas. While media in every form has the credits of nurturing and forwarding positivity amongst the people. The same industry has a dark angle attached, which blossoms bad habits including the likes of a lean addiction.

While almost every field of the industry has been impacted by the abuse of this drink yet the field of music is the one whose cases have taken in the most spotlight. The musicians of Houston at the start of ninety’s introduced the music industry to this addictive drink. It not only gained popularity but also swallowed talent who couldn’t survive the fatal allure and eventually succumbed to death.

Robert Earl Davis- famously known as DJ Screw was a victim of the effects of lean. Robert gave a unique touch to the music and created a niche of his talent in the world of disc jockeys. He basically slowed down the otherwise fast-paced songs. The mellow version of the songs became a hit amongst the viewers and not only gave him money and immense fame but also gave the future jockeys a niche to work on. The DJ Screw style is still visible amongst many jockeys these days. In the late two thousand Screw was found dead and the reason cited was a lean overdose. Screws tapes and rapping style was later scrutinized and it was pretty evident that it seemed like an ode to the drink, the slowed and hazy style with occasional slurs and the monotone all directed towards his living. Screw, at the hiatus of his career, succumbed to death- at an age of merely twenty-nine years- which he didn’t deserve all because of a wrong habit!

Chris Penn, the brother of the famous Sean Penn, was another victim of a lean overdose. Chris Penn was applauded for his natural acting and flair of adjusting in any role. Penn also gave his voice for the famous video game GTA. The world lost this actor at the start of two thousand six. Cardiac arrest was cited as the immediate medical reason but it was later revealed that heart complications could be due to the use of overdose.

In 2017 music producer Harrison Garcia was penalized with thirty years of imprisonment. He was charged with the crime of dealing and supplying drugs. Along with it, he was also convicted of putting up posts on social media which allegedly declared him the head of lean drink, fantasizing the image of the user and alluring people towards the purple drink!

The career of one of the most successful rappers Lil Wayne went downhill and eventually came to a full stop after his health deteriorated and he started having seizures. Long time use of lean led to him losing his health and passionate career.

Rob Kardashian, a television personality and businessman, is even suspected to be a lean addict. Growing concerns regarding his mental and physical health are to be found amongst his family members, while pictures of him along with lean can be seen in tabloids further aggravating the fear of him using the drink as an escape.

The famous singer Justin Bieber recently made a public declaration regarding his addiction to drugs including lean. Bieber recently is advocating the importance of a healthy life and the disastrous impact such habits have on both the corporeal and emotional well-being of a person. Bieber is now leading a happy life away from all such habits.

The glitz and glamor usually provide a bright path to many, who earn fortunes, fame, and respect, but in the course of this, all a strong mind and will is also extremely important as it prevents from treading on the path to self-destruction. The industry is filled with the stories of many artists who got hooked to such economical addictions, while certain lost their health and careers, others lost their precious lives yet some understood the truth of this drink and took help at the right time and saved themselves!


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