The Jedi Training Plan – Keeping Up Your Stamina Ahead of a Long Lightsaber Duel

Star Wars Jedi Knight Clone Wars

In a galaxy far, far away, Jedi knights always need to ensure they are in peak physical condition, as they could be called into a battle with a Sith at any given moment. But how do the Jedi stay in such good health and how do they keep so fit? Let’s take a look at the typical workout regime of a Jedi Knight to help you to become a galactic knight – may the Force be with you!

If you want to harness the Force like that of a Jedi, firstly you need to be aware that you can’t solely rely on your trusty lightsaber. You will need equal amounts of strength, power, accuracy and finesse when controlling your lightsaber and these exercises will help you:

Exercise 1: Force Holds

Being able to build upper body strength is important to the fearless Jedi Knights and you can do this by holding your body above the ground to boost your abs and your upper arm muscles. You can begin by laying on your stomach then you need to pull yourself up until you are balancing your weight on your forearms (in the same position as it you were about to do a push-up). The key is to hold this position for 20 seconds before resting for 10 seconds and repeating.

Exercise 2: Space Jumps

To be a Jedi Knight, you will need to have powerful legs but you don’t want to build up too much muscle, so you need to be strong and powerful without being too heavy. This exercise will help you to keep your quads lean but sturdy and they are easy to do as they are similar to a squat jump that mere humans do. Start by crouching low to the ground and put your hands in the middle of your legs before blasting upwards as fast as possible. When you land, you will need to return to the crouching position again before repeating and it is important to make sure your knees and ankles take the brunt of the impact.

Exercise 3: Galaxy Cable Pulls

To be a Jedi in training, you can also add some cable pulley exercises into your workout by attaching a low cable rope to a handle. You will need to bend your knees slightly and ensure your feet are flat to the floor before raising your hand (the one that’s holding the handle to the rope) directly out in front of your body. When it hits a 90 degree angle, you will need to lower your arm back down again before repeating and then change arms.

Exercise 4: Jedi Boosts

If you want to strengthen your lower back and hamstrings, you will need to do some deadlift exercises, better known as Jedi Boosts in the galaxy. You will need to use heavy weights for this exercise and you can begin by holding the barbell right in front of your body keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Then bend over by slightly bending your knees and put your hands over the bar on top of each other. Once in position, you will need to lift your body back to the standing position and pull the barbell up in front of your chest and hold it before resting then repeating.

Being able to handle your lightsaber is a must, so some practice dueling is always part of a Jedi Knight’s training regime. If the Jedi fail to keep in shape, they run the risk of the Sith taking over and ruling the galaxy once again but with these exercises part of their daily routines; we can rest in peace knowing we are in strong hands as the Force is on the right side.

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