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For some people going to the gym is as routine as having a shower, or going to work. You may think that these people are fictional or at least very rare indeed. But they really do exist – honestly, they do! Here we look at how you too can become more familiar with your local gym and how you can make the most of your London gym day pass. So if you’re someone who has the intention but maybe not the inclination, or perhaps someone who has a London gym day pass but are lost as to where to get started, read on to discover the reasons why you really do need the gym in your life!

Long Term

The morning after the night before is always the toughest, especially when it involves going to the gym. So in the short term you may think that your body is shouting “please stop” or “no more” when it comes to subjecting yourself to a tough workout regime. But you have to think beyond the short-term and stick to it. In the medium to long term your body will be grateful of all of the effort that you have put into your training. Not only are you likely to lose weight, and that itself brings a lot of benefits, but you are also likely to be more toned, muscular and in terms of mental health, happier too. There are so many plus points to going to the gym, you just need to get past the initial hurdles.


Being healthier both physically and mentally will help you of course, but it will also benefit those with whom you are in a relationship. Of course, love is blind, but you’ll gain a new found confidence in yourself that will also help any relationships that you are a part of. Having more energy too will benefit in many ways, such as going out more, being happier and more adventurous and enjoying life more as a whole.


They say that a good workout can release the endorphins that will make you happier, and it does. The more you work-out, the more that you can feel the benefits. You will feel more connected with your body too, which can help your day-to-day enjoyment of life. You’ll come to like if not love exercise, and see it as the norm – so much so that you’ll be looking back at your former self and wondering why you didn’t start sooner!


You all go to bed with the intention of having a good sleep, and the benefits and happiness derived from a good night can be numerous. However, whatever the reason, many of you will no doubt have hit the hay only to find that sleep never comes, or at least the good sleep never does.

Exercise can sort this problem out for you! After a good hard session in the gym, sleep will seem to come much more easily and moreover, if you establish a good workout schedule, then your regular sleep habits will improve too. Hitting the gym is a much better way of inducing a quality and restorative sleep compared to medication or alcohol – it is much healthier too!


The world is a difficult and extremely busy place. You will no doubt feel under a great deal of pressure from everyday life, be it at work or home etc. So reducing these stress levels can only be a good thing. Exercise at the gym can achieve this goal, and make you feel more able to address the day’s problems and get through another 24 hours. On top of this you will also achieve a boost to your self-esteem, something that no doubt will be welcomed by many of you.

You were no doubt already aware of some of these benefits, but until you have actually experienced and “felt” the same, they are probably as believable as unicorns! But they really do exist and what’s more they are attainable by anyone who is willing to put in that little bit of extra effort and get themselves to the gym. Exercise is hard, but then again the best things in life never come easy. What you need to accept is that there will have to be a little sacrifice on your part before you can reap all of the rewards. If you are ready to take this step, then good on you, get your gym day passes ready, and get going! Good luck.

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