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Get Well Soon with Flowers – Choosing the Right Hospital Flowers

Get Well Soon Flowers

When a family member of friend is having surgery, is injured or becomes ill, it is natural for you to be concerned and express your desire for them to recover. A flower delivery service can help you lift the spirits of a sick person and cheer them up.

Although you might not be able to care for the individual physically, there is a lot that you can do to wish them well on their journey to good health. Sending flowers is an effective way to add life and colour to bedrooms or hospital rooms.


When sending flowers, any gift that you send is admired and appreciated. However, there are different ways to ensure that you select the most suitable floral arrangement for a loved one.


You may be initially tempted to choose subtle or somber colours for a sick family member or friend but brighter colours are known for making people feel happier.


Choose flowers that will last, especially if the person’s stay is expected to be longer than a couple of days. Opt for sturdy flowers that are long-lasting. Examples of flowers that will stand the test of time in a vase include orchids and carnations. Consider choosing flowers according to the season.

Current Season

Bring your loved one the flowers that are in bloom. The patient may not have the time or strength to care for certain blooms.

Maintenance and Care

It is advisable to choose flowers that are easy to care for and can thrive with sunlight and some water. Find the best hospital flowers here.


If your family member of friend has allergies or a condition that may ne worsened by pollen, hypoallergenic flowers are the best choice.

Flowers in Hospitals

  • Find out about the hospital policies and whether or not flowers are allowed in certain units or sections.
  • Floral gifts generally make people happier for a longer time in comparison to other gifts.
  • Ensure that the flowers are allergy-free.

Ordering Flowers

Verify the following before ordering flowers:

  • Patient’s full name when sending flowers.
  • Name and contact details of the hospital where the patient has been admitted.
  • Room number and ward of the patient.
  • Check the hospital’s delivery hours and ideal time for delivery.

Flower Bouquet

  • The bouquet size will ultimately depend on your preference.
  • Excessively large bouquets may not be allowed entry into the hospital.
  • Smaller arrangements are typically easier for patients to carry when they leave the hospital.
  • Allergy-free blooms minimise risks for the patient as well as their family members and visitors.
  • Choose flowers that have wooden stems that are not vulnerable to becoming soft and soggy over time.
  • Find an environmentally friendly and durable vase rather than a glass or fragile vase that can easily break.

Floral Suggestions

  • Daisies are a classic option. They are fresh and create a clean feeling in the room. You can opt for white daisies or more colorful and brighter one.
  • Peonies are a symbol of healing and good health.
  • Red carnations represent perseverance and strength.
  • Sunflowers bring brightness into the room with their thick, long stems and yellow blooms.
  • Succulents sprout colourfully, are hypoallergenic and easy to care for.
  • Orchids offer longevity and re-bloom with proper care.
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