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How to Find Your Ideal Weight and Stick to it?

Weight Loss

Your ideal weight is a result of your entire genetic makeup. There are factors beyond human knowledge, which affect your weight actively. Your basal metabolic rate is the most important in determining your ideal weight. That is precisely why your body weight varies considerably from your siblings or your best friend.

To know if you need to gain weight or drop a few pounds, you can measure your waist-to-hip ratio. Measure your waist in cm and your hips in cm. Then divide the measurement of your waist by the measurement of your hip. If your WHR is above 1, you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

A popular weight loss myth

A popular myth is to exclude sugar and carbohydrates from your diet. If you do this, you will be sending a message of “starvation” to your body. Your metabolism will slow down even further. This will make it much easier for you to gain weight.

Natural weight loss remedies

The best way to give your metabolism a boost is to adopt a healthier living. Exclude junk food and soda from your diet. Start with small regular exercises. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can. Stick to aerobic exercises for best results. The best way to boost your metabolism and drop a couple of pounds in a month’s time is to take up jogging or running. This form of aerobic exercise is simple, quick and it keeps every muscle in your body active. Start with short distances, even 100 meters will do. Then increase the distance as you start to feel more comfortable.

Natural weight loss supplements

You can try apple cider vinegar and Garcinia cambogia for losing weight. ACV boosts fat metabolism. According to a Japanese research paper form 2009, it prevents accumulation of fat. ACV also helps in regulating the insulin metabolism. It helps those who have Type 2 diabetes. Garcinia cambogia, Vrikshamla, or Malabar Tamarind works wonders in weight management. Increased levels of hydroxy citric acid or HCA boosts fat-burning metabolism. It curbs binging tendencies and unnecessary craving. You can take two tablespoons of ACV in one cup water everyday along with 700 mg of Garcinia cambogia(pure extract form or tablet form) for the best results.

Changes in diet

Try to eat more protein. Exclude processed food from your diet. Include lots of whole food, single ingredient food, and fresh food in small portions. Eat at a regular interval of 2-2.5 hours daily. Drink plenty of water, at least 3 liters per day. If possible, include a protein shake before your workout regime.

If you are overweight by a significant margin, first consult your GP. Before starting any exercise, you need to get an idea about your blood pressure and other metabolism-related factors that can interfere with your fitness routine.

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