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Essential Supplies for Survival if Power Goes Out

First Aid Kit

Surviving disasters and blackouts requires you to have access to the most essential items. Survival kits should be compact and preferably portable. You have to consider which supplies are most important and do away with what you do not need. Select the most important supplies that will keep you healthy, fed and hydrated.

Medical Kit

During natural disasters, injuries can occur. Basic first aid kits provide you with what you need to prevent infections, ease pain and stop the situation from becoming worse. First aid kits ensure that you are ready with medical emergencies and can provide basic care to injured or sick people, even with minimal medical knowledge. Keep checking on medication that you store to ensure that it has not expired.

Cleanliness and Comfort

A clean and healthy environment is vital for maintaining good health. Stock enough items that will help you maintain the cleanliness of your surroundings such as soap and toilet paper. Cater for your comfort by packing the essential personal items that you need to keep you clean and comfortable.


The food that you store for several days of no power should be full of nutrients and easy to prepare. Try to store nutritious food that you will enjoy eating. Healthy and tasty snacks as well as easily prepared foods will make a power outage more bearable. Each time you do your grocery shopping, make an effort to stock up on extra food for storage.


During difficult situations such as storms and hurricanes, you need to remain as hydrated as possible. Panicking and anxiety can use you to sweat more than usual. Keep your water supplies clean and avoid contamination so that you can always have a safe source of water.

Emergency Supplies

Disaster equipment will keep you prepared in emergencies. Emergency supplies such as utility knives, ropes and duct tape will make it possible for you to handle unexpected challenges along the way. Ropes will help you move around or help people, and flashlights will provide you with light in case your candles are blown out.

The matches that you use should always be waterproof. Knives serve several purposes, including cooking and building simple structures. Can openers will ensure that you have access to the available cans of food. Your comfort during an emergency is important because it will enable you have peace of mind despite the circumstances.

Importance of Being Prepared

Preparing for a long-term power outage will take a significant amount of time. This is why it is important to start preparing as soon as you can. If a storm happens or a power line is damaged, you will be able to overcome the challenges that are associated with a blackout.

When power goes off, it usually returns soon but a power outage can last for a long time. If a power outage occurs, you may lose access to hot water, heating and lighting. The best way to minimize the impact of such an occurrence is by being fully prepared in order for you and your family to be able to handle the situation effectively.

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