Enhancing Self-Growth: Why the Age Doesn’t Matter

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Learning is a never-ending process; every moment, every day can teach you if you are receptive to learning. Self-growth is synonymous with learning. If you stop learning from experiences or people, you cannot grow as an individual.

Human mind is forever evolving and adapting to the new learned experiences, so when it comes to self-growth, age is just a number. If you want to improve as an individual — either for your own self or for the community at large, you just need to change your mindset not your age or the calendar!

Importance of Self-love and Sense of Self

Realization and acceptance of self is the first step towards self-growth and that can happen at any age. You don’t need to be 20 years old to love yourself; you can be 65 years old and when you learn to love yourself you can transform your whole mindset.

Self-love and sense of self are interrelated because only if you love yourself, you can have a true sense of self. Some people measure their worth by certain societal standards of success. For instance, a good marriage and career; a safety net of family and house; good friends; or a good education are few of the thresholds to derive success. If one or more is missing, people begin to feel they lack something in life.

The constant conscious and subconscious comparison prevents them from appreciating the good things in self; the self-pity becomes an impediment towards self-love. When you cannot love yourself, you are closing the door towards your growth. Being wrapped up in self-pity will lead you nowhere towards self-realization.

Many find their best-self much later in life, because earlier years of adulthood are spent coming to par with societal goals and the real human potential is only realized if every experience is viewed as a learning experience.

Enhancing Self-Growth

Here are few of the ways through which you can improve your self-growth.

Reading Books is Instrumental to Self-Growth

Some habits are so easy to adopt and have far-reaching results. There is no second opinion to the fact that reading helps you learn about different aspects of life from different perspectives. Certain life experiences are immortalized in books and reading books presents a different lens to view life than we are used to.

If you retain all the new things you learn, then it is sure to change you. It will in turn lead to growth of self because of the changes perceived in human mindset. This happens because human mind is a sum of what it interacts with, whether it is books or people.

If you want to grow as an individual start reading. Age is not in the equation when you want to read. You just need a book and a quiet corner. In many cases, self-growth through reading comes free of cost. Something as simple as a walk to a library can open the doors to a whole new world.

Lose Yourself in Meditation

Meditation is the act of training your mind to achieve a calm and stable emotional state. A human mind in this state is free of cluttering thoughts and sense of self-doubt. This is the point where sense of self and belief in own self can help you grow in any phase of life.

Meditation clears the mind from conflicting thoughts and when the mind is not in any conflict, it knows the limitations and capabilities at any given point in time. This is one vital step towards self-growth; eliminating those limitations and exercising those capabilities.

Anyone can meditate; it is all about willing yourself to detach from the multitude of things that human mind is always preoccupied with. Self-growth through meditation has nothing to do with age but has everything to do with will power.

Doing Short Courses

Just like reading opens up a new world, learning through short courses is also a gateway to self-growth. There are courses where there is no limitation of age or a specific previous education. These courses can be taken by anyone and such courses are a great tool to enhance self-growth.

Online courses have become a preferred method of learning from working professionals, yet there are some areas where online learning is still lacking. That is where benefits of going back to college are realized, as a college provides hands-on learning experience and networking opportunities, which are not available in an online classroom.

There is no age limit to most of the short courses and anyone from any or no educational background can join such courses.

Delve into Skill Based Learning

Just as there is no age limitation for reading or undertaking college courses, anyone can learn any skill at any point in life. It could be painting, gardening, driving, sewing, writing, cooking or any other skill. You just need to be mentally and physically prepared and should never be restricted by your biological age.

Skill learned at any point in life will not only help you appreciate yourself more but it is always going to boost your personality and that is a great sense of achievement for any human being.

The Wrap Up

Whenever you think about self-growth never correlate it with age. When it comes to self-growth, age is nothing but a number. It is all about the human mindset. When you will yourself to do something, that in itself is self-growth. Sometimes it involves pushing your own boundaries — break some to make new ones; that too is a part of self-growth.

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