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Detecting and Staying Aware of the Signs and Symptoms of Depression


It is sometimes normal to be in a blue mood especially when you lose someone loved or when you’re laid off from your job. When due to something bad that has happened in your life, you feel depressed, and this is referred to as situational depression. Most who suffer from situational depression recover from it within few days or weeks. But what if the symptoms of depression simply don’t tend to go away? What if it begins to interfere with the ability to function normally and live a healthy life?

Major depression is a grave illness which can last for months or even years and it is vital to detect it as early as possible. While you can take this short depression test to determine whether or not you’re suffering from depression, it is also crucial for you to know the symptoms of depression so that you can stay aware.

Warning signs of depression

People who suffer from serious levels of depression don’t face all the symptoms together but they might face a combination of the symptoms listed below.

#1: Sadness

Feeling sad is definitely a sign of suffering from depression but it can also include feelings of emptiness and hopelessness. You will see that no matter how tough you try to let go of your negative thoughts, you won’t be able to do so. You will find yourself crying for no such big reason and this is when you are depressed.

#2: Irritability

This symptom of depression can cause you feelings of anxiousness, anger or restlessness. Men who seem to be depressed seriously usually express their depression through their reckless behavior or through aggression. This is yet another sign of depression which needs to be taken care of.

#3: Self-criticism

People who suffer from severe levels of depression might get feelings of worthlessness and helplessness. Apart from experiencing signs of weakness, they have a constant feeling of guilt and self-criticism.

#4: Mental signs

Do you find yourself in trouble to focus on something that you’re doing? Do you find yourself finding it tough to make decisions, remembering minute details or focusing on things? People who are suffering from depression will clearly feel that their thought process has slowed down with time and this is why they’re not able to catch up with things.

Hence, if you’re someone who is wondering about the ways in which you can cure depression, you can seek help of an online mental health counselor who has your best interests in mind.

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