Why Is the Concept of Adaptive Clothing Best for Seniors and Disabled People?

Velcro Clothes For Disabled Seniors

Getting dressed up every day to look different and stunning is something which we take for granted, until illness, age, disability, injury changes everything.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adaptive clothing is designed to cater to the needs of individuals with physical disabilities and senior citizens, making dressing up easier and more comfortable for them.
  • The concept of adaptive clothing focuses on using techniques like Velcro, domes, and strategically placed closures to ensure ease of use and accessibility.
  • Adaptive clothing is designed to be stylish and visually indistinguishable from regular clothing, offering individuals a sense of normalcy and confidence.
  • Convincing seniors to try adaptive clothing may require patience and emphasizing its benefits, such as maintaining independence and worry-free dressing.
  • Overall, adaptive clothing plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of life for individuals facing physical challenges by providing them with practical and fashionable clothing options.

Dressing up every day becomes very difficult for people who cannot live a normal life due to the lack of physical abilities. The modern clothing trend is undoubtedly something to be preferred, but it is incredibly challenging for people with physical disabilities. Some of the common issues include:

  • Clothing types which are really confusing, like tops that come with multiple straps.
  • Closures that are really difficult to manipulate, like buttons and zippers.
  • Closures that are positioned in such a way that they require a complete range of motion for use, like the bra clasps design typically to hook on the back.

This is where the concept of adaptive clothing comes into use. Usually, this kind of supportive clothing trend is designed for individuals having any kind of physical disability. For seniors, this style of clothing is quite approachable. Recently, the idea of adaptive clothing has become widely accepted by seniors and individuals with significant disabilities.

What is the idea of adaptive clothing all about?

Supportive clothing or adaptive clothing is highly preferred because it makes self-dressing easier for people with a lack of physical abilities as well as senior citizens. Now, what are the common techniques that are used for this kind of clothing?

  • Domes and Velcro are preferred over the challenging kinds of fasteners.
  • The closures are designed at such locations that individuals can easily reach them without any additional help. Like, using Velcro hip closures for trousers and pants.
  • Flat seams are preferred because they reduce friction.
  • Clothes designed in such a way that there is no need to pull them over the head. It includes snapback polo shirts and sweat tops.
  • Stretchy fabric ensures comfort. This approach makes clothing easier for individuals with bandages, incontinence aids and other kinds of additional challenges.

Adaptive clothing concept designed for particular requirements

Generally, adaptive clothing that is designed for seniors tends to focus completely on ease of use. Full emphasis is given to ensure that the clothing appears good and stylish. In fact, some of them are so beautifully designed that it is really difficult to distinguish them from the conventional clothing visually.

Other kinds of adaptive clothing include rear fastened, which makes it quite easy for the caregivers to help individuals with the dressing.

Adaptive clothing that is designed for individuals on wheelchair usually focuses on making it easier for them to get properly dressed up while seated.

Do you think that adaptive clothing has an unusual look?

Many senior people prefer to keep going with the conventional clothing trend because they feel that adopting the special kind of clothing style will make them appear usual. But this is completely a myth because nowadays adaptive clothing is designed in such a way that it is almost virtually indistinguishable from the conventional style of clothing. Most of the companies designing adaptive clothing prefer to focus on the style as well. You can look equally cool and attractive in adaptive or supportive clothing just like the conventional dressing. The only factor which sets the conventional clothing apart from the supportive clothing is the design and using flexibility. Conventional clothing is designed with the mindset that people can move easily while getting dressed up. On the other hand, adaptive clothing is designed keeping in mind about the physical limitations of the users.

Where can you get adaptive clothing for aged people?

Nowadays, this kind of clothing has become quite common, and there are several stores available where you can find them easily at affordable prices. Not only online stores, conventional clothing stores now prefer to stock this kind of clothing. But, usually, when it comes to physical stores, the options are quite limited in comparison to conventional clothing.

Adaptive clothing concept applies for almost all the regular clothes that a normal person can wear. Like, pants that can be easily pulled off and on and there is no need for completely relying on the fasteners. Other clothes include bras with front fastening facility, Velcro slippers, and shoes, shirts with domes over buttons, etc.

Stubborn seniors and supportive clothing

Depending on your relationship with your senior family member, convincing them becomes really difficult for using this kind of clothing. Stubbornness usually takes several forms, which is often associated with important concerns like loss of independence. And being honest, when we talk about adaptive clothing, it really sounds like been designed for invalids. But it is definitely not the case. Several adaptive clothing pieces are designed so beautifully that they look like normal clothing. In fact, this kind of clothing style can actually bring a vast difference to the life quality of an individual.

Well, there is no single way in which you can convince the senior members of your home to try out adaptive clothing, but believe you can get a couple of approaches for convincing them in a better way:

  • Purchase one item initially;
  • Complete independence with dressing;
  • Emphasizing on the point that they look just like the regular clothing;
  • Explain the importance of adaptive clothing and how it can help them to worry less.

In conclusion, adaptive clothing is a crucial concept for individuals with physical disabilities and seniors, offering ease of use and comfort. It looks stylish and is virtually indistinguishable from regular clothing. Convincing seniors to try adaptive clothing may be challenging, but emphasizing its benefits and starting with one item can make the transition smoother. Overall, adaptive clothing enhances the quality of life for those facing physical challenges.

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