The Most Common Health Problems in the Elderly

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Nobody is particularly excited about getting older. While it may mean becoming wiser, it also comes with a host of other problems. As people get older, their bodies slow down and their physical functioning tends to deteriorate. This is becoming something that needs to be monitored more carefully as people are expected to have longer life expectancies.

It is best to be informed about all of the ailments faced by elderly individuals. This way, you can minimize some of the discomfort associated with the medical conditions. This will also help you with deciding whether or not your loved ones may need senior care. Here are some of the more common illnesses affecting the elderly:


This is an ailment that plagues many individuals over the age of 65. One of the most unfortunate things about this condition is that it can mean a great deal of discomfort for those who are afflicted. There are, however, several treatment plans that can aid in diminishing the pain as well as helping with mobility. It is important to get the necessary help when plagued with arthritis. Make sure that with the help of a doctor, you are getting as much physical activity as you need to stay healthy.

Alzheimer’s Disease

This a diagnosis that everyone dreads as they begin to age. Unfortunately, it is estimated that at least eleven percent of people over the age of 65 have been diagnosed with the condition. Most of the time, individuals with the disease cannot care for themselves due to the nature of the illness. It is vital to make sure that you or your kin have the appropriate Alzheimer care. To manage the effects of the disease better, it is best to get diagnosed as early as possible. This is why it is important to get frequent medical check-ups.

Vision and Hearing Loss

This, too, is quite common among aging individuals. This typically happens on a gradual basis, over the course of time. It is important to find out the causes for the decay in vision and hearing to rule out any other diseases. For instance, loss of vision is one of the earlier symptoms of glaucoma. If you feel as though one of these senses are failing, an immediate analysis should be made by a doctor. It is also imperative that the proper correcting equipment is used to alleviate these issues. For instance, always make sure that the affected person is wearing their glasses or their hearing aids. This can prevent a number of accidents.

Cardiovascular Disease

Particularly in developed countries, this becoming an increasing problem for the elderly. This condition usually occurs due to unhealthy lifestyles. People tend to eat junk food, consume large quantities of alcohol, and smoke regularly. These all increase the possibility of developing cardiovascular diseases. These type of conditions are usually managed by a healthy diet, adequate amounts of exercise, and medication. Sometimes, depending on the severity, there may be a need for surgical measures to be taken.

A healthy lifestyle can reduce or prolong the appearance of these diseases. Make sure that you or your loved one is being as healthy as possible. It is also important to detect these diseases in their early stages so that the proper precautions can be taken.

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