Busting Some Myths Surrounding Assisted Living for the Elderly

Assisted Living Caretaker

The population of senior citizens in the US who prefer assisted living is increasing rapidly. The trend that began in the early eighties has witnessed steady increase. Individuals who are aging but still able to manage most of their daily chores on their own and want to enjoy the benefits of community living are heading for assisted living facility. Such facility suits people who despite their age are capable of living on their own and needs minimal assistance and care. However, considering the age group of people choosing assisted living, the average duration of stay ranges between 2.5 years to 3 years after which they might need more care and move to nursing homes, would like to go back to the family or meet with their end.

Know the truth

The assisted living facilities work hard to ensure that residents enjoy a home-like environment and receive adequate care and attention that help them maintain the best overall quality of life. Despite the advantages, choosing community living at an advancing age is not always easy. Shopping around to find the best assisted living facility is very important for your loved ones needs. Assured assisted living in Castle Rock, CO might end up on your short list after exploring their options. The process is complicated further due to some myths surrounding assisted living that needs proper understanding to get rid of some wrong notions as discussed in this article.

Myth 1 – You have to compromise your privacy and forget independent living

The truth is that the motto of assisted living facilities is to allow individuals maximize their autonomy without infringing on their privacy. Living in an assisted facility ensures you of dignified living in a completely safe environment where you can lead your life in the way you want. You can choose your apartment from different floor plans that provide separate entrances for complete privacy. You can bring your personal belongings with you and furnish the apartment in your own way. You only have access and control to the door lock that ensures complete safety of the place that makes you feel entirely at home.

Myth 2 – It is difficult to continue with your hobby and activities

There is no reason to fear why you cannot keep up with your activities when you live in an assisted home. On the contrary, here you get the opportunity to stay more active than you were when living alone. Many facilities have fitness programs, gardening options, book clubs, bingo cards and much more to inculcate the feeling of community living among the residents. It is not difficult to engage in activities of your choice that matches your lifestyle.

Myth 3 – Getting help will not be easy

The assisted living facilities have the staff to look after individuals round the clock who are ready to provide the appropriate assistance to you in the way you need. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and help is always near at hand as you enjoy home cooked food deliciously prepared and served like in a family.

The assisted living facility allows you to enjoy your life in the way you want in the fading years of your life.

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