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A Bespoke Answer to Senior Home Care in Rhode Island


We would like to introduce to you the most innovative, bespoke solution to senior home care in the region. You will receive a service that you thought was simply not possible. We have done a lot of research in this niche market and identified what you require from an ideal senior care service provider. You will receive a service that is beyond your wildest expectations.

We understand that it is a delicate affair for you when you are setting out to use senior care services and that you have a series of questions that you want answered adequately before you commit yourself. Our bespoke offering has incorporated your concerns into the bouquet of services we offer, making sure that you get the full value for your money.

The Process

Our solution uses the best of technology to make it a seamless process for you when you are searching for a caregiver; this in a nutshell is how our process works.

  1. You log into our online portal and commence your search for your preferred, fully vetted caregiver.
  2. Next, you choose a caregiver that fits your needs with regards to proximity of location and other factors.
  3. You then check the caregiver’s availability to offer you the service and book them.
  4. You book your preferred caregiver by paying for their services in advance through the portal.
  5. You can therefore rest easy fully aware that your preferred caregiver will arrive at the appointed time.

The Bouquet of Services on Offer

This entire process is fully automated and it is tailored with you, the prospective client, in mind. The array of services on offer, range from care services to transportation services. By and large the services we offer you are non-medical home helper services and escorted transportation to scheduled events, say a meeting, and appointments, such as visiting your doctor.

The breakdown of the services is as follows; companionship home helper services, food preparation, safety checks and participation in activities, games and events. The services extend to light housekeeping, monitoring the diet and eating of the elderly and reminding the elderly persons that have dementia.

Security Vetted Caregivers

We, at senior care Rhode Island, go the extra mile to offer assistance with the selection of clothes to wear laundry and dry cleaning and help with reading, writing and correspondence. We offer much more in terms of bespoke services than any other care provider in the market. Make enquiries and find out exactly what we can do for your specific type of scenario.

On our one-of-a-kind platform, we take security very seriously since we understand that you want to make sure that the elderly are being taken care of by individuals who are not criminals. You want to rest easy, secure in the knowledge that your loved ones are getting the best care in the industry.

We Have You Covered

On our platform, we screen potential caregivers using the industry standard in the nation on background checks for professionals and service provided in the healthcare businesses. We subject them to wide ranging interviews to check their temperament and suitability for their job. We run background checks, monitoring and reviewing complaints about both parties; caregivers and those seeking care. We have this nailed to a science, contact us now.

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