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How Can You Avoid Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug Cimex Lectularius

When bed bugs start creeping in your beds, it becomes a real pain! You need to shed a huge amount of money when the problem has been rooted for a long period of time. But the good news is that, you can prevent bed bugs and can solve the problem easily if you can detect early.

Never Bring Bed Bugs In Your Home

If you have observed bed bugs in the hotel you have stayed, never bring them at your home. When you are unpacking your suitcases, make sure you are doing it outside your home, may be in the fireplace or garage outside. You can place all your clothes for a dry wash or a hot wash to kill the bugs, if any. You can use the disinfectants after emptying your luggage. The pesticides can kill the rest of the bed bugs if they are present in your suitcase.

Identify The Bites

Try to identify the bites whether it is mosquito or bed bugs. Though the bites are similar, they generally come in clusters of three. They attack in the exposed areas of your body while sleeping. It may include your face, shoulders, neck and arms and they creep in a line through the bed sheet or the mattress. When you can identify the bites, try to undergo the basic inspection.

Reduce Your Risk

You can follow some simple instructions for reducing the risks of the bed bugs. Bed encasement and box spring can help in preventing the bed bugs and the solution becomes easier. There are tools by which you can prevent the bed bugs from climbing up in the bed.

Understand The Situation

Try understanding your situation properly whether it is reversible or not. If the cases are severe, you can take professional help from commercial pest solutions. You must try to stay in a clean environment and therefore safe from the bugs. Your case is very severe when you are observing the bugs roaming around your entire apartment.

Inspect Your Hotel Room Properly

When you are staying away from your home, in a hotel or guest house, try inspecting the rooms very carefully. All the visible portions must be observed carefully like the edges, headboard, box spring, mattresses etc. You must also take a look at the lower portion of the box spring. Try looking at the ribbing of the mattresses by pulling back the bed sheets. If you want to look at the warning signs, you can observe the small brown spots. When you cannot sleep throughout the night with bites all over your body, always notify the hotel authority about this.

Call Professionals

You must call the professionals when you find difficulty in preventing or killing the bed bugs easily. Try to do a proper research before choosing your pest control expert. You might use the pesticides to solve the problem. But sometimes, it may even happen that the bugs run away in other parts of your home by making your situation worse. You can vacuum clean your mattresses but make sure you are emptying your vacuum immediately outside your apartment. The professionals can help in cleaning the bed bugs from all stages of their development.

Therefore, you need to understand your actual situation at first. If it is not that bad and you can manage on your own, try taking the simple preventive measures. When you find the case is severe, never forget to call the experts. In severe cases, you may require cleaning all your clothes, mattresses and furniture as well. As long as you are staying clean in your home, you are away from the bugs!

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