Assisted Living vs. Senior Living – Key Differences

Assisted Living Seniors

Having their own homes and maintaining it might be quite costly for many seniors who are inclined to maintain an independent lifestyle and start a new life after retirement. Since they have to live upon their savings and pension, the money they have might not be enough to have their own homes. Again, some adults who are approaching their senior years might be suffering from some disease, illness or disability that does not allow them to live all by themselves in self-owned homes. For both, the groups, the search for housing solutions end up in senior assisted living facilities that are home to different communities of the aging people. Senior living communities provide a cost-effective solution that comes in two different forms – either assisted living or independent living communities. Knowing the differences should help to make the choice that is best for them.

Independent living

Seniors who are in good health are often keen to lead an independent life away from home either due to financial constraints that prevent them from having their own homes or renting or they love to live in an environment that offers more opportunities of social activities. Moreover, having own house comes with a lot of responsibilities that seniors might not like to shoulder like maintaining the home and keeping it clean. They would be so much involved in domestic work that it could hinder their aspirations of independent living in a carefree way.

Those who prefer independent living can choose between living in apartment complexes and retirement homes. Residents enjoy an active life and get the opportunities of social mixing with peers and friends who share similar goals of enjoying life by living it in their own ways. The environment is just right for making friends and pursuing hobbies and other activities of interest that contributes to happy living. To support the desire of residents in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, the communities organize day-trips and other activities. Residents who want to attend external activities can avail off-campus transportation arranged for them only.

Depending on the choice of lifestyle, seniors can live in cottages or apartments with full-service kitchens and bathroom resembling a suite.

Assisted living

By the time some adults reach the superannuation age they might not be in good health and would need some assistance for their daily activities. For them, choosing to live in assisted living communities should be a good idea. Various physical and cognitive inabilities could drive seniors to seek assistance in living especially those who suffer from memory diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. While the residents receive all care and attention to help them in going through their daily chores from bathing, dressing, meals, and medication, those who suffer from some memory disease need special care that is only available in specially designed memory care centers. Look up the internet to find memory care near you.

The centers have the infrastructure necessary to provide the space that seniors with special needs would require and ensure that they live in a safe and secure environment.

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