7 Gorgeous Baby Accessories to Add to Your Baby’s Nursery

Baby Nursery Accessories

Oh, the happiness and joy that comes with expecting the newest addition to your family is really unlike any other. Decorating your new baby’s nursery with accessories is right up there on the excitement list with picking out the little one’s name and planning your baby announcement.

This space will be where you spend the majority of time with your new bundle of joy, and wanting it to be an oasis is a goal you can easily achieve with the right nursery accessories! Below are seven gorgeous accessories to add to your little love’s nursery!

1. Mobiles

You have already picked out the perfect crib and the cutest bedding, but you can’t help but notice something is missing, right? That’s because no nursery is complete without a delightful mobile. These little hanging accessories are perfect for hanging over cribs or cots and give your precious bundle of joy visual stimulation!

Nursery mobiles come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns and really add a special touch to your baby’s special space. Some of them are even portable and can be moved from above baby’s bed to over baby’s playpen, stroller, or even car seat!

2. Wall Letters

To really add a custom flair to your baby’s nursery, consider displaying their name in wall letters. Wall letters can be used to spell out literally anything you want, but your baby’s name is a classic go to!

These wall letters come in textures varying from mirrors to literal roses to natural woods to soft, poofy fabrics in every color under the sun. Wall letters are a great option for all parents, too, whether they rent or own their space because they can be hung up easily, even with non-damaging wall strips!

3. Baskets

You know you’ll need storage for your baby’s room, but you also want to make sure their room remains aesthetically pleasing. Here’s where the basket comes into play! There is no shortage of reasons for why baskets are both useful and beautiful additions to your baby’s nursery. They are stylish and also practical, holding everything from toys to clothes.

Like mobiles, baskets come in a variety of styles to match your baby’s nursery theme, but taking things up a notch, they can be used in a stylish way around the house even after baby has outgrown the nursery!

4. Wall Hooks

Another great way to enhance your baby’s nursery while maintaining efficiency is by incorporating wall hooks! Wall hooks are functional but also a wonderful way to enhance the splendor of your baby’s first room.

These fun hangers really tie a nursery theme together while having a concrete purpose. They are also long lasting. As your baby gets older, wall hooks can still be used, as well, to hang coats and even keys one day!

5. Activity Mats

Activity mats have come a long way. They double as fashionable rugs when not being used for tummy time but also provide a comfortable cushion for baby’s first moments of mobility.

While the classic activity mats are often covered in bright, vibrant designs, modern mats also come in patterns and colors that compliment your unique style and add a certain flair to your baby’s special space.

6. Shelves

Wall shelves, classic standing shelves, and shelves shaped like cute woodland creatures are all the rage now. They are functional pieces of furniture that can hold everything from books and toys to clothes and diapers. They act as cute accessories for your baby’s room that do more than just brighten the space!

7. Nursery Night Lights

While it’s best to keep a nursery on the darker side at night, especially during baby’s first few months out of the womb, it’s tough to take care of a baby in the dark, right? Fortunately, there are nursery night lights. These night lights often match the theme of your nursery and look like a cute piece of décor during the day.

By night, though, they provide just enough light to let you find and soothe your baby back to sleep without turning on the harsh overhead lights of the bedroom. Some of the newer nursery night lights can even be managed by an app on your phone. Moreover, nightlights are the gift that keeps on giving and are often used until your little bundle of joy is a toddler and even a young adolescent!


We know you want only the best for your newborn baby, so starting to plan for his or her nursery now is a great way to ensure their first home outside of the womb is one that is as comfortable and welcoming as possible. But, of course, you also want it to be a comfort to you, since you’ll be spending so much time in there with your new darling.

By decorating the nursery with charming accessories, you’ll establish a space that meets all of your baby’s needs as well as your own. Don’t fret too much if you are renting and feeling afraid that you won’t be able to construct the baby nursery of your dreams. By utilizing gorgeous accessories, your baby’s first bedroom will be an absolute sanctuary for you both.

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