6 Essential Ways To Make Running Your Daily Habit

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All of us have hobbies which keep us engrossed. We love doing things that we like. Hence, it is important that we like doing whatever we want to do.

Running is something that is ingrained in our DNA. We are blessed to have it as one of our body’s is most natural functions.

By nature, we all are fond of running and have done it all the time in our younger days while at school and college; but over a period of time due to constraints of busy schedule and also to an extent due­­­­­ to other pressures of life we somehow tend to forget about it and push this activity in the background. Unless of course, you’ve taken up athletics or are into regular exercise regimen.

Running has a lot to offer not only as an exercise but also as something that helps us to lead a happy and a contented life. Therefore it is good to inculcate a habit of running regularly. Maybe having shoes that have insoles for flat feet will help, in case you feel you need some extra support at the foot arch.

You need not run for competition if you think you are not up to it, but do it just for simple pleasure. A little bit of jogging every morning and evening can bring lot of positive effects and give your body a good cardiovascular exercise.

If you have been out of touch with running lately, and want to pick up this habit here are some ways that would help you in getting back to it and motivate you to go for running regularly.

1. Make a Resolution

First and foremost, it is important that you make up your mind to keep fit and that running is something that you enjoy.

It should come from within your heart. Only if you are really willing and are regular then it can become a habit that you enjoy.

Making this resolution is perhaps the most difficult part of it, but once you start you will slowly get into the groove and after observing the positive change in yourself, you will certainly get even more motivated.

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2. Form a Routine

Once you have made the resolution to take up running regularly, select a time of the day that you think would be most appropriate and to stick to it regularly. This is very important because unless you find a slot which you can devote time regularly, chances are that you may want to skip it on some days. For some there may be a need to try out shoes with insoles for flat feet, but don’t let that stop you.

Sometimes it is easier for some peoples to do it early morning while the others find running easier later on in the evening; it all depends upon your other commitments.

Running regularly will definitely improve your appearance as well as physical fitness. Thus you will also get encouragement and support from your family members who will motivate you further.

Once you make running a part of your daily routine and include it in the daily activity schedule, you will find it much easier to stick to it. This will make you go out and run regularly. In fact, after a week or so, you will find that you even look forward to it!

3. Find Your Company for the Outings

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If you take up running along with your family members, a friend or even a stranger who you have met during your regular runs, it will become an even more interesting activity.

It is always good to explore new places with someone as you strap on your running backpack and go around seeing the countryside as well as places of mutual interest. Running together with someone is also a good habit because you can motivate each other in case one of you is feeling lethargic.

It also strengthens the inter-personal bond of friendship and togetherness which brings richness in life and makes it more fulfilling.

4. Psychological Benefits

It is a widely accepted fact that running balances the secretion of hormones in our body leading to better metabolism. This produces happiness and a feeling of euphoria.

Moving out regularly in the lap of nature, exploring places and forming bonds of friendship with own family and friends brings us many rewards in the form of good health and positive outlook.

Running regularly brings to us calmness and clarity of thought as it leads to a happier and more fulfilling life.

5. Plan Your Activity

Setting out your shoes, water bottle, clothes, and running backpack in advance, preferably the night before will eliminate excuses for skipping the run.

Make time plan and stick to it; if required put your alarm so that you do not feel lethargic. Ask your running partner to come over in case you d not make it in time. Motivate each other to stick to the routine. When you know someone is waiting for you, it will keep you from skipping the routine by going back to bed.

6. Pace Out Gradually

If you have been completely out of practice, do not try to do a marathon! Start with 15 minutes walking and keep increasing it with small increments!

Inter-space it with jogging and running and slowly and build it build it up gradually.

Like all habits that take time to set in, regular running too would be difficult at first. This is because not only does it require a major shift in your activity level but also resetting of your body clock.

This may be even more difficult at first when you choose morning running as it would involve a change in the sleep pattern. Therefore give it time to sink in and become a part of your natural body clock.

If you find morning time a bit difficult despite trying out various methods, give a shot to trying out an evening slot. Maybe that is meant for you!

The bottom line is – have patience and give it time.

So, come on, for a start, strap on your running backpack and give it a try!

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Danuta Smoluk is a teacher with over three decades of experience teaching both children and adults. She specializes in teaching the Polish language to English-speakers. She has a master's degree in primary and early childhood education from WSP Słupsk (currently Pomeranian University in Słupsk) and had her degree validated by University of Toronto. Aside from education, she also has an interest in real estate and home improvement. She has planned and supervised many house renovations. She loves interior design, cooking, and gardening.

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