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5 Reasons Why You Need to Give Functional Medicine a Try


It is not a surprise that even with the advanced medical system, people do not have a clear understanding of what functional medicine is and the reasons why they should try it. Before getting into the broad topic of why you need to try out functional medicine, it is essential that you understand the necessary information first.

Getting straight to the point, functional medicine is a type of revolutionised medication that addresses the root causes of a particular disease using an approach that is more system oriented.

You know that with all the dietary plans and lifestyles of this 21st century, there are many health conditions which are attended to using the wrong approaches. For instance, surgical procedures and attention to emergency cases are well-advanced, but when it comes to handling chronic health conditions, everything is out of the box.

You may not be well informed of the reasons why functional medicine is a good approach to try, and that is not your fault. You need a guide that would compel you to give it a try. Below are some of the reasons:

Functional medicine addresses underlying health issues

While other types of medication aim at addressing the symptoms of a disease and slowing down their effects, active edge chiropractic & functional medicine gives more attention to the underlying causes of the arising symptoms.

Functional medicine interprets laboratory results differently

Many a times, people go to see doctors with several health issues and the lab results come back as usual. Any range of outcomes that fall far beyond or behind the normal range is typically labelled to be too high or too low.

Now, because the disease doesn’t hit you immediately you go out of the normal range, you will need something that would be able to analyse all the situations that fall outside or beyond the model of care – functional medicine in this case.

The medical practitioners in the field run more extensive labs

Functional medicine sees beyond the disease label that a patient has. It also looks at the complete scope of the psychology of a patient, and that requires a more established lab with more extensive and digital equipment.

A standard lab is ideal for carrying out simple tests to come up with a diagnosis and later on do a prescription. On the other hand, functional medical practitioners dig a little deeper to study overlooked puzzles in infections, underlying deficiencies and health dysfunction.

Functional medicine practitioners give more attention to patients

Who doesn’t get tired of having to wait for several hours at the reception to have a talk with your doctor that would probably take ten minutes? That poor system in the health department is a total wreck, especially for patients having chronic health conditions.

Functional medicine practitioners get to spend more time with their patients. They are good at handling surgical procedures, emergency cases and attending to patients who are under critical care.

Functional medicine practitioners employ natural treatment

Functional medicine practitioners consider natural treatment as an option if it is more likely to work on a patient. Natural alternatives do not work for every patient but in cases where they seem more effective and have fewer side effects, employing their use offers great hope to many.

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