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5 Medical Innovations That Will Remind You Of A Sci-Fi Movie

Stem Cells

Medical technology is consistently pressing the boundaries of modern science and finding new ways to treat and heal humanity’s ailments.  As technology develops rapidly, the medical field has seen some pretty unbelievable advancements along the way.

Take a journey into what seems like a hit sci-fi movie, and check out some of the medical community’s most creative innovations.  Here is a brief overview of just a few of the best, mind-blowing medical technologies you’ll want to read about.

Stem cell advancements and treatments

Stem cell sciences came about many years ago now, but the technology has gone more mainstream than ever in recent years.  Stem cell research and treatments have been a large source of controversy since they were first introduced to the medical community, but now people are beginning to see the many benefits of the advancement.

Stem cells can be used to treat a large array of painful and sometimes debilitating illnesses in patients.  Autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, and even a low libido can be treated successfully through the use of modern stem cell treatments.

AI in the emergency room

Watson made its big debut to the general public when he took on the brightest competitors of Jeopardy and won.  This supercomputer is now making its way into more practical venues of use.

Not only do we see the Watson emblem present on several popular apps like “The Weather Channel” and many medical dictionary apps, we also see Watson working with physicians to ultimately reach a more accurate diagnosis for patients.

Providing sight for the blind

The U.S. will say hello to a new remedy for the blind this year, as the FDA has finally approved the “Argus II” for treatment for those who lost their sight due to retinal pigmentosa.  The device works by wirelessly connecting a video signal from a pair of sunglasses to an implant in the patient’s retina.

Though the device does not yet provide perfect visual restoration, it will help patients see things such as sidewalk ledges, clothing colors, and words.  Soon, the technology could help restore vision to those who suffer from macular degeneration.

A cure for Hepatitis C

A Hepatitis C diagnosis used to be a pretty grim stamp on the future quality of life for that person.  Hepatitis C can cause internal organ failure, among many other painful and life-threatening issues.

The good news is that there is now a cure that is effective in 95 percent of patients treated.  The newest treatment, Sofosbuvir, takes only 12 weeks of injections versus the former treatment that took 48 weeks and was only effective in about 70 percent of patients.

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