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4 Outstanding Benefits of Pilates to Your Health

Pilates Weights

According to dictionary.cambridge.org, Pilates is a form of exercise that involves controlling of movements, stretching and breathing. Through the years, many forms of training have been developed because of their different benefits. The benefits of Yoga may differ from aerobics because they are developed to target different parts within the human body. The common ground is that exercises are meant to benefit the body in a certain way. The other forms of exercises include swimming and weight lifting. They are supposed to work on your body weight; to add or reduce it. Here are the major benefits of using Pilates as a form of training for your body:

1. Whole body exercise

Pilates is a form of training that ensures strength is spread equally to all the body parts. This happens because most of its training focuses on the whole body. As you train, you will notice that the whole body is involved. Any person who works out in a gym has a timetable to ensure that all muscles are trained every week. It helps to ensure that there is equal growth of muscle around your body. If you concentrate your training on one area, it means that that’s the only area that will grow muscle. There will thus be an imbalanced growth of muscles. Pilates doesn’t cause such issues.

2. Weight loss and Abs

The core strength in many people is found at the lower part of the body. To achieve core strength, you have to train your body for stability and endurance. This entails training your abdominal muscles to become stronger. It might lead to a decrease in your waist size, and ability to perform harder exercises. Excess fat in the body has never been healthy because it brings about a lot of health hazards like heart complications. Pilates helps to strengthen your core as most of the exercises target that area.

3. Flexibility

The best thing about Pilates as a form of exercise is that it makes your body very flexible. There is no muscle or joint straining. Your upper body parts, like the neck and shoulders become relaxed. This means that you get to concentrate on other activities more easily. You might be athletic, but not flexible. Flexibility will fully occur after you stretch your body with Pilates. Body stretching will allow you to fully stretch or extend your limbs or torso in any direction. This is because during the training process, your lower back, abdominal muscles and hips move and stretch. The best Pilates lessons will improve your body coordination.

4. Rehabilitation and injuries

When you have intense gym training, your body muscles get injured or even tear due to pain or straining. These injuries can put you out of the gym for a very long time depending on how serious they are. The Pilates training can come in handy during this period since it’s an easy way of stretching and giving your muscles a break.

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