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4 Fuss-Free Activities To To Do With Your Toddler

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When it comes to parenting a toddler, it can be challenging to keep them entertained. You may find yourself running around in circles wondering how long they’ll stay entertained with one activity before it’s time to frantically move onto the next.

Since toddlers don’t have a lot of language under their belts to be able to express themselves fully yet, they can be extremely prone towards tantrums. For this reason, the toddler years can be some of the most challenging. Rather than throwing your hands up in the air and waiting a few years for them to come around, try to make the best of it by keeping their little minds active.

You don’t have to be a Pinterest wiz or spend tons of money either. Here are some of the simplest and most fuss-free activities that you can do with your toddler.

Go For a Walk

Going for a walk with your toddler may sound like a logistical nightmare. “You mean no stroller??” you might ask in disbelief. That’s right, no stroller. Letting your toddler get out into the open and getting some energy out through walking and running might just be the best decision you ever made in your life.

Since your toddler isn’t the best at walking in a straight line or making it to your destination without a little drama here and there, it’s important to go for a walk in a controlled and safe environment since accidents can happen.

Take a Bath

Putting your toddler in a bath full of bubbles and toys is like a dream come true for many of them. They are able to enjoy sensory play and a warm sudsy time while you sit by their side and interact.

For extra fun, you can even buy things like bath crayons or other bath entertainment which makes it fun. Feeling extra fun? Get in the bath with them and watch their face light up. Kids love being able to experience something like this with their parents.


If your toddler is particularly active, you may find that putting on music and dancing around together is just what the doctor ordered. They will laugh and clap gleefully and dance to their heart’s delight.

Not only is it extra fun for them but you better believe that after a great dance session that they’ll sleep even harder that night!

Put On a Puppet Show

The fun thing about puppets is that you can make a puppet out of just about everything. From a sock to a paper bag. Show your child the magic of bringing something alive by drawing a face on it and making them laugh with silly voices. They’ll get a kick out of it.

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