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4 Things To Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Family Doctor


Choosing a family doctor is something that every parent should do for the safety and well-being of their family. Having someone on hand who you can call when one of you is ill is crucial in order to keep everyone in top health.

Some people make the mistake of quickly settling for the first choice for their family physician only to find that it wasn’t a good fit in the end. When you take the time to carefully weigh out all of the options and ask yourself the right questions, you will be more than pleased with the outcome. Here are the important questions to ask yourself and your family about your potential family doctor before making a decision on finding a doctor.

Is Their Office Close Enough?

It is important to consider proximity when choosing your doctor since you never know when you could have to rush to the doctor’s office in a hurry at the last minute. Having to sit in traffic while you are feeling ill or having to comfort your ill child is no fun.

Try to make sure that you find a doctor that won’t only be convenient to get to for normal check-ups but also for last minute appointments when you are feeling quite unwell.

Do They Accept Our Insurance?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that their insurance will be accepted anywhere. However, when they are finished with their appointment and go to the reception desk only to find that their insurance isn’t in fact accepted and they have to pay the full amount, this can be a startling realization.

Try to make sure that you call ahead and ask your doctor’s front desk whether they accept your specific insurance before going in for an appointment.

Do They Specialize With Children?

Some doctors aren’t entirely equipped to take care of kids. It’s important to know that if you go in with your kids that they work well with little ones and have the patience to deal with their specific needs.

Since kids can have a lot of fears and stresses associated with going to the doctor it is comforting to know that your family doctor is able to ease their insecurities and make them feel ok in their care.

Do They Take Their Time With Your Specific Needs?

Many doctors may be qualified as a physician and have an enormous amount of knowledge about health, however when it comes to taking the time to really focus on the needs and specific situations of their patients they can severely lack in this area.

Find a doctor that takes the time to listen to your unique needs and is willing to build a relationship with you based on compassion.

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