The Veganuary Guide [Infographic]

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With the New Year well under way, and health and wellness taking centre stage in the media this month, many people are taking up the pledge to join “Veganuary”, the promise to abstain from any and all animal products for the entire month, to do their bit to help lessen the negative impact on not only their health, but also the environment and animal welfare. The folks over at Discount Supplements UK put together this infographic to show you the benefits of taking the pledge, a handful of top level athletes that went vegan and the positive impacts just one month can make.

One of the biggest myths that halts people from making the change, is “will I get enough protein?” the answer of course, is a resounding yes. All food grown from the earth, e.g. fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds etc. contain protein, which is how herbivorous animals such as elephants, rhinos, bulls and oxen stay so strong. If you’re concerned about your protein intake as you transition into the lifestyle, there are plenty of vegan suitable protein powders that are organic, free from colours and fillers and high in nutrients to keep your body fuelled.

The misconceptiuon of vegans wearing hemp and living off of tofu and rice is long gone, with huge food giants developing their own plant based recipes and products such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Tesco and even Pizza Hut, to allow the plant based movement to move into the mainstream, whilst keeping it enjoyable for those who aren’t interested in just eating fruits and veggies.

The Veganuary movement had over 150 thousand sign ups in it’s first two weeks, so let us know if you took part, how you got on, and most importantly, if you plan to keep it up past the end of the month!

Veganuary Infographic

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