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5 Tips to Troubleshooting a Power Problem With Your Electric Wheelchair

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An electric wheelchair is an essential tool for those with limited mobility. That’s why it is important that it be given the proper care. While there is no doubt that the function of an electric wheelchair deteriorates over time, proper maintenance and care can have it serving the user for many years to come. Some wheelchairs, such as the KD heavy duty Smartchair can take the wear and tear easily, but for others, you need to always be aware of the problems electric wheelchairs may face.

An electric wheelchair has some common problems but it seems that most of the problem centers on power. An electric wheelchair functions due to the battery attached to it. Without a battery, it will not function. If the battery is not functioning well, the chair’s maximum potential cannot be discovered too.

If it’s your first time using an electric wheelchair, check out the tips below so that you can avoid power problems in the future.

  1. You need to make sure that new batteries are always fully charged – if you’ve ever bought a new phone, you were probably told at the store that you need to make sure the phone has been charged 100% before you use it. Well, the same is true for a brand new wheelchair. It contains deep-cycle batteries, which need to be fully charged before first use. If they are not fully charged, it will not be maximized to the full charging potential, which means that it will also not keep the charge for long, and you might not be able to travel long distances because your battery has died.
  2. Make sure that all the wires are attached properly – if you find that your wheelchair refuses to turn on despite the fact that you know you charged it, the problem may be with the wires. Make sure that each and every wire is attached properly or else the wheelchair will not really turn on. Don’t forget to look through the manual carefully, don’t try to attach wires without consulting the manual as you may make things worse than it is.
  3. Charge your batteries every night – this is important. Even if you do not use the wheelchair that often. Even if it still has about 50% left, it would still be a good idea to a full charge it during the night. This way you will not be afraid to use it the next day knowing that it can function to its full potential. Battery charging is also like TLC time and it is an important way to maintain your battery. Some even say that the batteries’ lifespan may increase when they are charged regularly.
  4. If the battery is below 20 percent, charge it already – do not wait until the battery has been fully drained before you charge it. Many experts say that when the battery’s charge has depleted by 80%,  it needs to be charged right away. Depleting them completely before charging can actually shorten the lifespan of your battery.
  5. Use the charger that came with the wheelchair – do not ever use any other charger aside from the one that it came with. If the wirings and the voltage do not match, you risk actually destroying your wheelchair.

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