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Why You Should Undergo Treatment for Varicose Vein Condition

Varicose Vein. Image by Blausen Medical Communications, Inc. License: CC BY 3.0.

Constant pain, heavy feeling and swelling in limbs, high risk of bleeding and risk of compromised mobility – nobody wants to continue living with such issues. Unfortunately, these are the problems that result from varicose vein condition. If not treated in proper time, these problems can potentially become serious threats to one’s health.

The evolution of treatment

In olden times, varicose veins were difficult to diagnose, let alone treat. Most physicians, with their somewhat limited knowledge and of course, limited options, deemed stripping surgery to be the only way to treat this condition. These surgeries were not only very invasive and painful, but they also had a low rate of success. Besides enduring the pain of the surgery, patients had to keep aside a lot of time for recovery. In many cases, it was noticed that the veins disappeared only for a short period before becoming visible again. As a result, many patients preferred to live with the painful condition rather than getting treatment for it, believing that it was a futile investment.

However, that was then. Much has changed over the last couple of decades, and today stripping is considered to be outdated by most neurologists. It is not recommended as it is more or less an ineffective procedure. It has, thankfully, now been replaced with more efficient methods that give permanent benefits. These include sclerotherapy and endovenous laser treatment. In fact, physicians who offer varicose vein treatment in Katy, TX, prefer these two treatments over stripping surgery.

There are many benefits of getting treated for varicose veins, especially in the earlier stages of the condition:

Treatment reduces pain significantly. It becomes easier to sit on a chair without having to prop your legs up on a stool. Taking long walks and standing for long without feeling pain in the legs become easy. Patients, who have recovered from this condition, have said that they can sleep better at night as there is little to no pain in their legs after surgery. Doctors usually perform ultrasound test on the affected areas to diagnose the source of the condition and eliminate it. It is a fast, stress-free process with shorter recovery time.

Many people are shy when it comes to wearing short clothes if they are suffering from varicose veins as their veins are too visible to others. Undergoing treatment can eliminate the need to use concealer and reinstate confidence in those individuals. Besides, mobility also improves and those who were previously had to keep away from running or taking part in physical exercises can now play games and go for trekking as much as they want.

These days, patients no longer feel wary as far getting treatment for Varicose vein is considered. They are more open to the modern methods of treatment. Those who have already undergone surgery have made a quick recovery and are happy to get back to their normal lifestyle.

Varicose vein image by Blausen Medical Communications, Inc. License: CC BY 3.0.

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