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How Coffee Is Good for Health and Exercise

Coffee Latte

Most of us start our daily routine by pouring a nice cup of hot coffee which acts as a stimulant to helping us wake up for the day, and kick into gear. However, despite all the bad press about coffee and the caffeine within it, it’s actually a great drink that can help with your body’s health and fitness.

The secret to making coffee work for your diet is in the caffeine

Coffee is full of antioxidants, so much so that it actually has more of them than green tea or cocoa which you would normally presume to be the healthier drinks for your body. Antioxidants work in a number of ways but they are most talked about when it comes to fighting inflammation and certain types of cancer.

The caffeine we find in coffee is usually the biggest talking point, because people believe this to be a big dehydrator of our body but if you drink around 5 cups a day you will find that your body won’t lose any water, but instead the caffeine in coffee will fight fatigue for you while exercise as well as strengthening muscle contraction and perception of pain will decrease.

Overall, it’s a magical ingredient that actually aids in exercise performance.

Coffee combined with chlorogenic acid produces an enhanced fat burning effect

Now we have talked about some of the benefits of caffeine it’s time to look as chlotogenic acid which plays another role in helping the human body to burn fat. Chlorogenic acid is an element found within coffee and together they are two powerful ingredients that will stimulate your body to break down fat cells more efficiently than any other dieting method.

The Best Methods of Making Your Coffee

Fats need to be broken down first and foremost if you are going to be successful in losing weight, and maintaining a healthy body.

Even though chlorogenic acid is found in roasted coffee you are more likely to find larger traces of it in green beans, so always look at getting light roasts over dark roasts as they require less heat when brewing them (chlorogenic acid is weak against heat).

You also want to avoid instant coffee and look into drip coffee instead, because its proven that drip coffee actually contains much more caffeine and chlorogenic acid that the instant variety.

A Recipe for the Keen Exerciser

20 minutes before you head to the gym or go jogging you want to have yourself one cup of coffee but its in how you make this coffee that brings the real advantages.

Hot black coffee is always going to provide you with the best results, because our body will absorb the hot coffee and by not adding any sugar or milk you are decreasing the intake of calories, as black coffee has zero calories.

The perfect recipe starts with whole beans, a good grind, filtered water and the correct temperate.

  1. Place your dripper on top of the mug you want to use and then use the paper filter to rest inside the dripper.
  2. Measure out your water and beans; its best to add three tablespoons of light roast beans to nine ounces of water.
  3. Add yourself some cinnamon to give the coffee some taste. Cinnamon is a great substitute for cream and milk because it doesn’t contain the same calories and adds many benefits such as boosting your immune system.
  4. Soak the beans with boiling water and let them drip into the mug, do this until all the coffee beans have been broken down.
  5. Pour any left over boiling water straight into the cup and stir the black coffee with the cinnamon stick.

Coffee gives you the boost in your basal metabolism

Caffeine also plays another important role in our body and that is producing a much better blood circulation. Having a good blood circulation actually has a positive outcome in your basal metabolism which means you are going to feel full much quicker and you aren’t going to have those hunger strikes.

Best time to drinking coffee is 20-30 minutes before you start to exercise

If you are looking to stay healthy and drop some pounds you are most likely wanting to know when the optimal time to drink coffee is, so that is works to its maximum levels at helping your to achieve your goals. Studies show that a good 20 minutes before you exercise, you should have yourself a cup of coffee , but you shouldn’t drink more than is needed (1 cup is fine). The coffee will then aid in the burning of fat more efficiently, but it will also promote more energy and fight off fatigue for you.

Cleaning your coffeemaker once in a month is good for health

One of the best ways of drinking coffee is by using a coffee maker,You can view more here not only do you get the option of setting timers and drinking the best coffee out there, but you don’t have to manually make a cup from a kettle. If you don’t have a coffee maker yet then it’s worth investing your money in a best drip coffee maker that can get you up in the morning with great smells and pleasant tastes.

However, it’s important to clean and maintain any coffee machine in order to keep your health levels high. Dirty water or unclean components on your machine can lead to stomach bugs, illness and viruses. So always keep your coffee machine in pristine condition.

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