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10 Signs that Call for Homecare for Your Parents

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It’s natural for many parents to need home care as the effects of aging start getting to them. While they may or may not admit that they need help, it’s you that should be observing them closely to identify any signs that may lead to small issues that they are facing turning into something life-threatening or too serious to deal with.

It’s also important to note that even if you do see signs that clearly call for home care for your parents, they may try to assure you that everything’s alright and that they are doing well. However, it would be your responsibility to convince them to seek home care if they really need it.

That said, here are some of the common signs that reflect the need to seek home care for your parents.


While forgetfulness is often not a major concern, it can quickly get worrying when it starts getting out of hand. If your parents have been forgetting names, places, times and more, as well as having difficulty remembering things and events that took place only recently, it’s probably about time you try and get them on homecare.

Loss of balance

If your parents have had sudden falls too often recently, or if you see explained bruising on their body, they have likely been experiencing a loss of balance. This is something that should never go unnoticed or unattended, as it can often lead to undesirable consequences.

If you see these signs more often than you ever did in the past, you may not want to waste any time in getting home care help for your parents.

Difficulty with routine personal activities

Unkempt appearance, body odor, dirty clothes or body odor may be a sign of your parents not being able to keep up with their routine personal activities. It may be wise to consider getting home care help for them if this has been going on for too long.

Significantly lowered mobility

Sometimes, the effects of aging lead to parents finding it difficult to do basic things like sitting down, standing up, climbing the stairs and other things that suggest mobility issues. While this may seem just normal due to their age, it can turn out to be dangerous in some cases especially when the parents are steadily losing their ability to do these things.

Mental issues

If your parents are suddenly having mental issues for no reason, and with no past history of the said issues, then it may be one of the signs that they need help. Anything ranging from sudden mood changes to depression, lack of energy or just a feeling of loneliness, may all mean that they are finding it difficult to cope with the mental changes aging brings with it.

Frequently missing appointments

If you find that the reason for your parents frequently missing their appointments may be forgetfulness, inability to properly manage time, driving issues or anything similar, then it may not be wise to leave them on their own.

Issues with taking medications

Many parents often start forgetting to take their medications as they age. However, some others find it difficult to follow the right medication prescriptions, and end up overtaking their medications.

Needless to say, both these things can lead to serious issues and hence, if your parents are experiencing either of them, they probably need help.

Driving issues

If your parents are having driving issues, you may find scratches and dents on the car they drive. Unpaid traffic tickets, too, are something common with parents having trouble driving safely as well as remembering things.

Spoiled food

Spoiled food in the refrigerators or cabinets may indicate that your parents are not being able to keep track of things, and forgetting to go grocery shopping on time as well as taking care of the food stored in the refrigerator.

Likewise, no food in the home may suggest a worrying issue as well. These things may mean your parents are not having the kind of diet they should, which can obviously take a toll on their health over time.

Neglected home maintenance

This is another factor that’s often overlooked as something normal, but it may reflect a deeper issue than what may seem on the surface.

A lawn that hasn’t been mowed since long or plants that are being deprived of water may be a clear indication of your parents no longer being interested enough or just not having the strength to keep up with standard home upkeep.

However, what can be an even bigger issue is the home turning untidy, mails piling up, as well as bills going unpaid. These are all signs that your parents are losing their ability to take care of their and their house’s routine, standard needs, and that it may be important to seek home care for them.

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