5 Most Effective Techniques for Eliminating Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Cimex Lectularius

Getting rid of bedbugs is a serious and challenging task. These pests tend to spread speedily and are notoriously difficult to eradicate. Bedbugs have been a nuisance in the industry for many decades despite the advances in eradication techniques. However, there are a few techniques that can be used to completely eliminate these critters from your home. Some of these elimination methods include:

Visual inspections

Although this is not one of the most effective techniques for assessing the level of bedbug infestation, visual inspection plays a major role in pest control approaches today. A pest control professional knows the signs of an infestation as bedbugs often hide in hard-to-reach places and cracks. They will educate the business owner or homeowner on how extensive the infestation is.

Whole Room Heat Treatments

Whole room heat treatments are carried out by Pest management Professionals who bring in specially designed devices for raising the temperature of your room to eliminate bedbugs. This technique will kill bedbugs and their eggs within 90 minutes at a temperature of 118°F (48°C), and immediately at 122°F (50°C). A heat treatment usually takes about six to eight hours depending on the level of infestation of the area being treated.

Chemical treatment

When other control techniques are not powerful enough, or a home is facing a serious infestation, then chemical treatment is ideal. There are over 300 products recognized by EPA for use in controlling bed bug infestations. All these products have been approved for use around humans and they are effective at getting rid of these pests. You should talk with a pest control professional regarding the right solution to your problem. There are high chances that chemical treatment may offer the most reliable and thorough treatment to remove bed bugs in Oklahoma City.

HEPA Filter Vacuum

In cases where bedbug infestation is in a single area that is easy to clean, then a thorough vacuum using a vacuum device that is fitted with a HEPA-certified filter will be effective. This filter prevents the bedbugs, eggs, and other allergens from spreading and becoming airborne. With a thorough vacuum job, you and your pest expert can eliminate these annoying bedbugs per site. A reliable vacuum is the perfect solution for those that want to remove bedbugs without the use of chemicals.

Laundering and Encasements

When bedbugs have already infested your beddings, curtains, and clothes, then it means that the infestation has reached its height. You can eliminate these bedbugs by washing and drying your laundry at the highest temperatures possible. This high-heat treatment will eliminate bedbugs and their eggs in your clothes and linen. Make sure that you use mattress encasements to help prevent new bedbugs from setting into the mattress, and allow those pests already on your mattress to starve and die within days.

Every bedbug infestation is unique because every building will have a distinct layout, hiding places, and also limits regarding the technique that works best. An experienced professional will help in determining a solution that will eliminate this pest problem for good. Be sure to hire the services of a good pest control company if you want to eliminate bedbugs and enjoy the best living conditions.