How to Tackle the Problems of Flat Feet with Orthotics for Flat Feet

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Soft tissues and bones in the foot work in harmony to form a healthy and functioning foot but whether it would be pain-free is a question. The shape and structure of the foot are responsible for ensuring a comfortable walking experience. The foot has an arch in the middle part that helps to balance the load of the body and spread it evenly across the foot so that there is no feeling of pain when standing or walking. However, all are not lucky to have the ideal foot arch and the lesser it is; the more are the chances of pain. Some people have no arch on the feet, and the entire surface of the feet comes in contact with the ground. People with flat feet experience pain when standing or walking and seek ways of relief from it.

The arch appears with age

The arch is not always prominently visible at a very tender age, but it gradually appears as children grow up. Since babies have fat and soft tissues on the feet, the arch does not seem prominent. However, if the arch does not develop even when the child has grown old enough, it could be that the child has flat feet. Flat feet can pass on to subsequent generations who inherit it from their parents. If you do not experience any problem with flat feet, you need not worry about it at all. But, flat feet do give difficulties to many.

Problems of flat feet

Pain in the feet, lower legs and ankles is the most common problem, but the pain can even stretch to the lower back, hips, and knees. There might be underlying problems with the muscles, bones or connective tissues in and around the feet. It can also happen that the feet roll inside too much. This condition is known as overpronation, and that can lead to injuries and makes shoes wear out fast.

When to seek medical advice

Although flat feet are not standard, as long as you do not face problems, you need not pay any attention to it. Only when you encounter problems with flat feet that you should seek medical advice to look for some solutions to the problem. In case you feel that the feet are stiff, numb or weak or it appears to get flattered with time, you can consult a doctor. Another sign that you need medical help is when you find shoes wearing away fast, and despite wearing well-fitting shoes, you have pain on the feet.

Treatment for flat feet

While painkillers are used to provide relief from pain, it is a temporary measure. A better treatment of flat feet is to wear supportive and well-fitted shoes that support the feet nicely. Professionals recommend wearing shoes that use flat feet orthotics insoles to prevent your feet from rolling inwards and support it well when wearing shoes. The soles take care of issues arising when walking, running or exerting yourself.

Surgery is the last recourse provided there is a scope of eradicating some underlying problem that gives relief.

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