Orthotics: The Best Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar Fasciitis means the inflammation of the plantar fascia which is actually a thick and fibrous ligament that is situated under the foot and spreads over the heel bone to the toes. It gives rise to the arc of the foot and performs as our natural shock-absorbing process. Unlike the muscle tissue in the body, the plantar fascia is less elastic and hence, it does not possess much capability in stretching or elongating.

When too much traction is forced on the plantar fascia, it leads to irritation and pain. Orthotics helps in improving a person’s mechanics and improves his or her shock absorption ability, as well as, reduces the pain. Check the guide on issues related to the plantar fascia and how orthotics proves to be an effective remedy.

What Are the Symptoms?

  • In most cases, heel pain has been experienced in the middle of the heel’s underside, or at the front or at the sides of the lower portion of the heel. The pain often becomes more severe when you step out of your bedroom or after sitting back and relaxing for a while. The reason for this is while resting the muscles and ligaments shrink and tighten up. Even a sudden weight-bearing effort can lead to a terrible pain.
  • The shortening and tightening of the muscles result in plantar fasciitis which means more action on the ligament allowing the tissue to grow more sensitive.
  • Incredible pain and discomfort along with swelling in the lower surface of the feet.

How Orthotic Insoles Help in Reducing the Pain?

  • Orthotics is known for being corrective foot equipment. Unlike soft and spongy, these orthopedic shoes are entirely different. The rubber and gel footbeds may comfort the feet and the heels, but when it comes to providing a biomechanical correction to your feet, nothing beats orthotic insoles. As a matter of fact, gel can often create an incorrect walking pattern.
  • Orthotic insoles function by offering support to the arches and realign the lower portion of the leg along with the ankles. You might find your arches are looking normal, but putting pressure on the foot can lead to inflammation. This can be avoided by using orthotics as it provides support to the arches and decreases the tension and pressure over the plantar fascia, helping the inflamed tissue to recover.
  • Contrary to modern belief, orthotics is economical and can be customized to suit your requirements. A research reveals that by putting the orthopedic shoes into application you can get effective, long-term relief from various kinds of feet problems.

It Can Be Cured Through Orthotics

Orthotics is generally composed of a material that is both malleable and supportive. Constructed with heel cups and soft arch supports, these orthotics can help largely in pain reduction. Orthotic insoles are gaining immense popularity as they have shock absorbing characteristics, making your walk as comfortable as possible. Pressure is evenly distributed throughout the lower portion of the feet which is very helpful since the overall weight does not lie on specific parts of the feet.


There are so many types of orthotic insoles in the market made up of supportive material and designed to give you comfort in every step. The above-mentioned guide to plantar fasciitis, its symptoms, and cure make orthotics even more important.