Proven Ways to Conquer Drug Addiction

Drug Addict

So, you want to quit drinking or abusing drugs and get sober? Well, committing to sobriety is an excellent first step since the recovery and healing process can only begin once the addict gains the courage to seek help. But what next?

Whether you are a passive smoker or you’re addicted to an illicit drug, it’s never easy to give up the addiction. Yes, professional drug addiction rehab centers can help you get sober but conquering addiction also demands a lifestyle overhaul. Evaluating the causes that led to addiction, finding a support network, setting goals, and nurturing healthy habits can help you rebuild your life.

Here’s a list of some tried and tested ways that can help you get away from this unhealthy and deadly lifestyle. Use these tips as a weapon in your war against addiction.


Addiction often stems from the desire to escape stress. Meditation replaces this desire with the state of beings. It teaches you to find peace, happiness, and solutions within rather than from external sources. You learn to control your thoughts and urges and instead to make wise decisions.

According to a 2006 research conducted at the University of Washington meditation is 6X more effective than conventional drug treatments. Meditation trains our brain to feel happy and be naturally high without using drugs.

Befriend Your Family

Drug addiction isolates you from your loved ones. So, when you’re determined to conquer this awful dependence, reconnect with the ones you trust. Work with someone who understands and supports you the most.

Talk to them about your life’s challenges and your decisions about drug addiction. Spend time with your parents, siblings and good friends to forge a positive relationship with them. This way, you’ll get a strong family support system, which will be a priceless contributor in making your drug addiction treatment journey a success.

Hit the Gym

During withdrawal, our bodies and brains lack endorphins, a compound that makes us feel high. A sudden reduction in endorphins can increase stress, heighten cravings and knock down the recovery process.

This is where push-ups, squats, and sprints come in!

Exercise also releases endorphins in our brain, which is why we feel so rejuvenated and fresh after a good sweat session. Go for a morning walk, hit the gym, or join a Yoga class – simply replace your addiction with a healthy goal.


Drugs wreak havoc on our physical health in more ways than one would imagine. Addiction affects our body’s ability to absorb nutrition and by the time addicts seek help, they have already developed several nutrient deficiencies. Therefore, it’s essential for recovering addicts to pay attention to their diet. Balanced diet helps repair the physical damage caused due to drug use and is a part of holistic addiction recovery.

Distract Yourself

When was the last time you engaged in a hobby? Once you start abusing drugs, hobbies and other interests take a back seat in our life. However, since you’ve decided to quit using drugs, taking time out for your hobbies and personal interests can act as a great distraction. It will help take your mind off of the urge to use drugs.

Over to you

Overcoming drug addiction may seem impossible initially. But, haven’t you heard “Impossible itself says I am possible?” The same goes for winning the war against addiction. It takes time but will be worth it in the end.

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