Are You Contemplating Keto Diet? Learn the Benefits

Keto Diet

Ketogenic diet is one of high fat and low carb. The primary aim of this diet is to boost the body’s ability to burn natural fats. Normally, the diet is also associated with low intake of proteins, especially for those starting. But how does this diet work?

When your body is in ketogenic state, it produces ketone, an alternative energy source to glucose. By consuming low amounts of carbs and being lean on proteins, the liver is forced to use fats for fuel. There is also reduction in the insulin levels in one’s body. For beginners who observe the diet strictly, the Ketogenic diet offers several benefits, some of which include:

Weight loss

The obvious and somehow the greatest perk that comes with Ketogenic diet is rapid loss of weight. Most diets recommended for people cutting weight merely assume the cutting of fat. However, such diets are more likely to lead to starvation and hunger, opening doors for various health complications. Keto, on the other hand, focuses on cutting most of the carbohydrate. The immediate result is faster loss of weight amid other health benefits. The good thing is that this diet is less likely to leave you hungry because they are very filling in nature. This further reduces the temptation of snacking, which might complicate the weight loss process.

Minimizes the possibility of heart diseases

The other significant benefit of Keto diet is prevention of several heart diseases. In conditions of low carbohydrates, consuming more good fat can result in a healthier heart. Taking heart healthy fat foods such as olive oil does not raise cholesterol levels in the body thereby reducing the possibilities of heart complications. Strict Keto diet excludes out different unhealthy foods, replacing them with natural heart healthy fats.

Low cancer prevalence

Certain studies have revealed that daily Keto diet can kill cancer cells. When the body is in ketosis, fat is used in place of glucose when it comes to generation of energy. While regular body cells can make use of fat as energy source, the cancer cells rely on glucose. Cutting the consumption of processed foods and sugars therefore has a detrimental effect on the cancer cells. For those with biological history of cancer, adopting Ketogenic diet can significantly reduce the riskof cancer.

Reduces type 2 diabetes

Those suffering from type 2 diabetes can adopt Keto diet for beginners in an attempt to reverse the disease. Since the diet eliminates sugar and processed grains, it comes handy in tackling this lifestyle disease. In addition, ketogenic diet, which is low in carbs, can also result in enhanced blood sugar levels and control the blood sugar levels. For diabetics contemplating the adoption of this diet, it is important that you discuss it with your doctor. The diet can be regulated to avoid serious side effects that might result from Keto diet.

When Keto diet is observed appropriately, it comes with several benefits. From increased weight loss to prevention of heart complications, the benefits are significant. Before adopting Ketogenic diet however, talking it out with your doctor is highly recommended.