Most Popular Diet Trends From 2016

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Most diet trends, be it the no carb diet or the South Beach diet, tend to be no more than the flavor of the month, with the hardier among them managing to remain popular for a few years. Every year sees an explosion of new ideas in this space and 2016 was no different. These were some of the most searched for diets in 2016.

Atkins 40

The Atkins 40 is the latest version of the wildly popular Atkins diet which made low carb diets fashionable. This diet is based on one simple rule, to eat about net 40 grams of carbs daily. When we say net carbs, we are talking about the net amount of carbs in our food intake, minus fiber and sugar alcohols.

Ketogenic diet

The primary focus in the Ketogenic diet is to focus on fats with only a moderate amount of protein and very little carbs. This is a somewhat extreme diet and was first developed as part of medical treatments for specific conditions. However, because it allowed for rapid weight loss, it quickly became popular among the wider public. The carb restriction causes the body to burn fat for energy instead. However, a number of health issues have been reported with this diet so it is not short of detractors.

GOLO diet

The GOLO diet is one of the top diets of 2016 and focuses on managing the insulin levels in your body. It operates on some principles in common with traditional dieting principles, primarily an emphasis on keeping the diet low in sugars and processed foods. There is a strong emphasis on supplements with this diet, which is somewhat of a disadvantage in terms of cost.

The core of the GOLO diet consists of three components, the supplements, the metabolic fuel matrix and the GOLO roadmap. The supplements are all natural and are meant to be taken with every meal to avoid overeating. The fuel matrix refers to standardized meal plans designed to be balanced while having a check on insulin. The roadmap offers long term nutrition guidance.

Military diet

The military diet is also called the 3 day diet and is one of the most popular diets around. It requires you to be on a low calorie diet for 3 days which is followed by 4 days on a regular diet with healthy eating. The low calorie diet is controlled and should be composed of small portions of basic, unprocessed foods like bananas, toast and hard boiled eggs. This diet is known for being able to provide weight loss rapidly.

Diet trends tend to be as hot as ever and 2016 was no exception. Despite being under scanner for possible health issues, high protein diets continue to be wildly popular in the market.