E-Cigarette: Everyday Technology Saving Lives

E-cigarette Vaping

The e-cigarette is undeniably a fantastic invention and since the first generation of e-cigarettes began to be commercially available around 2003, e-cigarette technology is becoming more and more advanced.

The modern e-cigarette has rapidly evolved since Hon Lik, the Chinese inventor widely credited as being the creator of the modern e-cigarette, first designed the concept, having watched his father die from lung cancer due to the effects of heavy traditional tobacco smoking.

With a reported 2.6 million users in the UK alone, e-cigarettes are set to receive medical recognition worldwide for their effectiveness, helping smokers quit the habit for good.

According to the NHS, tobacco accounts for around 80,000 deaths a year in the UK, harming multiple organs in the body and drastically reduces quality of life and life expectancy for smokers.

Furthermore, it is widely expected e-cigarettes will be prescribed by GPs, after reports suggest that over 28% of the smoking population have already managed to kick their habits thanks to e-cigs – equating to around 22,000 smokers every year.

First Generation e-cigs

The first generation of e-cigs were designed rather blatantly to look like real cigarettes. For example, the cigalike, was the same colour as a regular cigarette and was around the size.

Second generation e-cigs

Second generations look something like pens or laser pens and are considerably larger that the first generation e-cigarettes. Second generation e-cigs, such as the eGo-style had a higher rechargeable battery and a universal connector for different atomisers.

Third generation e-cigs and beyond

The third generation is where the e-cig began to crazily develop into different shapes and sizes, mainly helped by the introduction of the mod.

The popularisation of mechanical and regulated mods redefined the vaping experience and emphasised the vaper’s ability to personalise their e-cigs, creating unique functionality and adaptability.

Now, there are seemingly no technological limitations restricting the continual development of e-cigs. E-cig components continue to reinvent and reimagine vaping.

Vapers can try and test different mods, coils and tanks to create their own perfection. With such a range available, there is a constant thirst to try new concoctions.

Scientific Studies

Studies by Public Health England estimate that Hon Lik’s invention is approximately 95% safer than regular cigarettes. Recent reports also suggest that smokers can lower their heart and blood pressure rates by switching to an e-cig.

There are numerous widespread reports available of scientific studies finding that e-cigs aren’t as harmful as cigarettes or don’t possess the harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and others.

A study by the University of Bristol found that e-cigs don’t cause human coronary artery endothelial to show a stress response, but the heart cells are affected by regular tobacco.

And that isn’t the only scientific study to absolve e-cigs. A 2015 experiment conducted by the MatTek Corporation, with the help of British American Tobacco, found that e-cigs produce no toxins.

A “smoking robot” was constructed to see if its replica lung cells could contend with cigarette smoke and e-cig vapour. The cells died within six hours of cigarette smoke exposure, but were undamaged by e-cig vapour.

In fact, replica lung cell damage to e-cig vapour was compared to that of air.

But what about those around you? Aren’t bystanders harmed by e-cig vapours like that second hand smoking thing? No, they’re not.

Three different educational bodies conducted research that showed that e-cig vapour particles evaporate in a matter of seconds, rendering the case for ‘second-hand vaping’ almost non-existent.

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