Got Any Discomfort in Your Chest or Are Having Breathing Problems? Read This!

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One of the most important systems of the body is the respiratory one. It is made up of the lungs, nose, nasal cavities, bronchi and bronchioles. Just like any other body system, here are some conditions that affect the respiratory system. They affect it negatively, cause discomfort and can even cause death. Some of these conditions are: COPD, asthma, and nasal rhinitis.

These conditions often make it very difficult to breathe. Some of them block the airways in the lungs resulting in breathing problems. Others increase the sensitivity of the nose and nasal cavity to uncomfortable levels. In some cases, these diseases are mild and can be treated whereas in other cases, they are chronic and cannot get treated. They can only be managed over a lifetime.


Known in full as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, this is a disease that affects the respiratory system in older people. It does not affect young people or children. This disease does not have a cure. It can only be managed over the life of the sufferer. In this disease, the air flow in the lungs is blocked. It is very serious and can easily end as a fatality if medication is not prescribed.

There are many environmental factors that can cause COPD. However, the most common cause of this disease is cigarette smoke. Genetics, exposure to chemicals as well as other environmental pollutants can cause this disease too.

Seeing as there is not cure for this disease, the only way to alleviate its symptoms is by taking medication and engaging in therapy. One of the first steps in managing this condition is stopping the habit of smoking.

After that, medications can be taken so as to keep the condition managed. There are many medications that can be used. They include bronchodilators. These work to make the airways wider for the purpose of easier breathing. Others include anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce any swelling in the airways. In addition to that, one also gets antibiotics that eradicate any infections in the lungs.

In some cases, the COPD can impede the functioning of the lungs such that the levels of oxygen in the blood reduce too much. In such a case, part of the treatment involves the provision of oxygen. To further help with the management of the condition, the patient can be taken through rehabilitation programs. These programs involve exercises to make their lungs work better. This is known as pulmonary exercise. With regular consumption of medication and completion of these exercises, one can live a normal life.

Nasal rhinitis

Also known as nasal hypersensitivity, this is a condition where the sufferer begins to sneeze and wheeze uncontrollably when they are exposed to specific compounds. Examples of these compounds are pollen, dust and smoke. This condition is not chronic and can be treated with medication. Sufferers of this condition can be given antihistamines to treat the symptoms.


These conditions can affect you or your loved ones. It is important to get medical care as soon as you discover any of the above symptoms. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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